Horoscope for Sunday 19 March 2023 for each zodiac sign

Astrology: Today's Horoscope for March 19 2023, here's what you can expect:

Mercury enters Aries today, and until April 3, this Mercury cycle is rejuvenating, decisive and forward-looking.

This can certainly be a time when we are a bit more impatient or terse, but it can feel good to not dwell or spend too much time drawing conclusions in the weeks ahead.

We are less concerned with views and explanations during this cycle and more interested in making quick decisions.

We want to pioneer and innovate or be the first to have the idea.

It's time to speak more spontaneously and directly with the bold and assertive planet of communication in Aries.

Mercury's semi-square to Uranus today, however, can make energy tense.

We are mentally excited but distracted. This transit adds small erratic elements to the day, especially in our communications, thought processes and outlook.

We may rush to finish something, share an idea or communicate, but things can go wrong if we are impatient.

We get bored with routine, which can mean we need to recharge mentally, and since it's Sunday it's a good time.

Creativity: Good~ Love: Good ~ Work: Good

Note: Read the sections for your Sun sign and Ascendant to get a better idea of what to expect for the day. For example, if you are a Capricorn with an Aquarius Ascendant, read the forecasts for Capricorn and Aquarius.

Daily horoscope for March 19 for each zodiac sign:

Aries Sunday Horoscope for March 19 2023

Aries, today and tomorrow are good for the benefits of socializing. Someone could help you achieve your goals or point you in the right direction for growth and advancement.

Advice on money or business can be valuable. Aim to be a good listener! Discussions, negotiations and solutions are favored. This is also a time of change as Mercury enters your sign today, and the Sun will soon do so.

Mercury will stay with you until April 3, giving you a stronger voice. You are more curious, talkative and in action during this cycle. This can be a wake-up call on a mental level – you want to start fresh and you think innovatively.

Work or projects could fall into your lap. Mercury is pushing you to move around, to move and to interact. Even with your family, very little in your immediate environment escapes your attention!

Horoscope for March 19 2023 for Taurus

Taurus, today and tomorrow hold good energy for positive experiences and relationships. Your personality shines through, and others may especially appreciate your presence, even in spirit or through words communicated from a distance.

You may be able to guide someone in the right direction by sharing useful information or advice. Positive feedback can be welcome. Finding new or fresh ways to express yourself can be rewarding.

This is also a time of change, with Mercury entering your privacy sector today and the Sun doing the same the day after tomorrow. Mercury's transit, which will last until April 3, brings a stronger need for privacy or solitude in making decisions, and most likely in your work.

The best ideas come from periods when you are more in touch with your inner world. You may feel a greater need to take time for yourself or away from the usual routine, mainly for healing, rest, attention to mental health, personal reflection and/or concentration on substantive issues in your life. This is an excellent time to examine the past in order to improve the present.

Horoscope for Sunday, March 19 2023 for Gemini

Gemini, you embrace growth and improvement today and tomorrow, as transits help you move beyond problem areas. Supporting family or others with helpful advice or specialized knowledge can be enjoyable now.

You're looking inward, but you're also staying in touch with others, and this balanced approach serves you well. You may connect with the right person or with your intuition, helping you solve long-standing problems.

Efforts to improve health, well-being and energy levels may now be worthwhile. Mercury enters your friendship sector today, and the cycle ahead is friendlier.

Your ideas are more innovative during this cycle, which will last until April 3. You thrive on the exchange of ideas and seek out or attract people who stimulate your mind. Others are more attracted to you for the same reasons.

Cancer Horoscope for March 19 2023

Cancer, something or someone could inspire you to move forward with a personal goal, dream or plan. Encouragement from a person or family may be especially meaningful to you now.

Positive energy is with you for networking, communicating and sharing ideas, and learning with others and your experiences.

A friendship can give more hope and a relationship can benefit from improvements and refinements today and tomorrow. Changes are also happening now, with Mercury moving up your solar chart today, and the Sun following suit the day after tomorrow.

In the weeks ahead, your thoughts frequently turn to professional issues, plans and goals. With Mercury's transit through April 3, you are more cautious in your communications, as you feel especially responsible for what you say and how you say it.

You may be more able to speak formally or lead with your ideas, and others notice you for your intelligence. Show your integrity now, because what you say will have more impact.

Leo Sunday Horoscope for March 19 2023

Leo, today and tomorrow are good for making connections. People look at you favorably, or relationships can be more pleasant now.

You could make a meaningful connection that helps you pursue a goal. You seem more able to successfully promote yourself and your interests, even if you do so indirectly.

Changes are also happening now, with Mercury moving into your spirit sector today, and the Sun heading into that same area of your solar chart the day after tomorrow.

Your mind is active and your outlook more positive during Mercury's cycle through April 3. You see things from a broader perspective. Your interest in the world around you increases and your ideas are generally well received. Even so, you are more likely to debate and defend your ideas, as Mercury transits your sector of beliefs and opinions.

Virgo Horoscope for March 19 2023

Virgo, expanding your horizons or opening your heart to the ideas of others is favored today. Also, someone could open up to your unique vision or help strengthen your self-image.

This is a good time to teach, guide and share ideas. You are in good shape to understand an uncertain situation. Today through April 3, Mercury's presence in your solar eighth house boosts your perceptive abilities.

It is more natural to talk about intimate, private or complicated matters with objectivity and ease. You may find yourself questioning much of what you hear.

You are more inclined than usual to do research during this cycle, so that ideas are well developed. Secret or hidden information may emerge during this cycle,

Libra Horoscope for Sunday, March 19 2023

Libra, today's and tomorrow's transits put you in touch with your desire to improve your life. You could make a contact that helps you manage your money or supports you well.

Mercury moves into your opposite sign today, and the Sun will do the same the day after tomorrow. Mercury brings a stronger desire to share ideas and make decisions with others here until April 3.

This cycle enlivens your relationships, either through greater communication or much deeper thinking. Intellectual companionship is in the spotlight. You enjoy thinking about the ideas of others, which makes your mind work harder.

Scorpio Horoscope for March 19 2023

Scorpio, you want to move toward growth and improvement, and you may seek to feel more alive, vital and dynamic through someone.

Relationships with others or family can be especially encouraging and meaningful now, and perhaps a rich source of ideas.

Discussions can be very productive, and you could attract useful people into your experience or strengthen an existing connection. This is also a time of change, with Mercury entering your work and health sector today and the Sun following the day after.

In the weeks ahead, you will focus more and more on your business. You will pay more attention to your work, your health goals, your daily routines and habits. Mercury will remain in this area of your chart until April 3, and there may be more attention to detail.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, March 19 2023

Sagittarius, your intuition can help you advance your relationships or health interests today and tomorrow. There may be an opportunity to make valuable contact through a person or the continuation of daily routines.

Changes are also occurring now that indicate a more extroverted period ahead. Today Mercury enters harmony with your sign and until April 3, and she will transit through your sector of joy and creativity.

This is a useful transit to smooth your conversations and strengthen your ability to get your messages across the way you want. You express yourself with more confidence! Thoughts may often turn to finding your joy, leisure, entertainment or romance during this cycle, and you are more inclined to have a little more fun with your communications. You also tend to be more affectionate.

Capricorn Horoscope for March 19 2023

Capricorn, the energies of today and tomorrow are focused on the future. Someone in your life encourages the more loving, romantic or creative side of your nature.

Yet Mercury and the Sun move into your solar fourth house, bringing a period with more reflection for a few weeks.

Mercury will transit this area of your solar chart until April 3, and thoughts and conversations will turn more to personal matters. You often reminisce about the past, or there may be more activity at home or with family.

You may be very preoccupied with domestic matters during this cycle. It can also be a time to evaluate your inner feelings, values and relationships or to evaluate and negotiate in your personal life. You have a better understanding of the moods or needs of others.

Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, March 19 2023

Aquarius, you may feel a better sense of harmony with the family or beauty and peace in the home environment today and tomorrow.

New information or contacts can motivate you to make positive improvements and changes, and warmth in your personal life is just what you need to decompress.

The changes that are also happening now are invigorating. Today Mercury enters your communications sector, and until April 3, you easily pick up new information. You have a stronger desire to reach out and share your story or connect with others.

There can be a lot to do and think about during this busy cycle. However, you may find it harder to focus at this time! This is a good placement for Mercury, even if it does stimulate some restlessness at times, as Mercury feels at home here.

Horoscope for March 19 2023 for Pisces

Pisces, today and tomorrow are very promising for making connections on mental levels. Your positive communications touch others and people are very interested in your words.

There may be a happy feeling that you can meet a challenge. This is also a time of change, with Mercury exiting your sign and entering your sector of resources today and the Sun following suit the day after tomorrow.

With Mercury in this area of your solar chart until April 3, you are in good shape to analyze your situation. You want to build and develop your ideas and see tangible results.

This is a great time to consider improvements with your business activities and to organize your finances. You are also more likely to talk about what you enjoy, material matters aside.