Horoscope for Sunday 2 April 2023 for each zodiac sign

: Today's Horoscope for April 2 2023, here's what's in store for you:

The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 11:59 am UK time, then will enter Virgo.

The Moon in Virgo is more pragmatic and dedicated, as well as adaptable and flexible. The need to organize can come strongly.

The -North Node sextile with today's Moon allows for progress or a challenge.

We may enjoy making connections or seeking out satisfying activities to participate in.

There is a sense that we are moving in the right direction or that we want to take steps to grow and improve.

New opportunities will reveal themselves if we look for them to help us achieve our desires.

Creativity: Good~ : Good ~ Work: Good

Note: Read the sections for your Sun sign and Ascendant to get a better idea of what to expect for the day. For example, if you are Capricorn with an Aquarius Ascendant, read the predictions for Capricorn and Aquarius.

Daily Horoscope for April 2nd for each sign:

Aries Sunday Horoscope for April 2 2023

Aries, you'd rather not sit idle today with the Moon moving into your solar sixth house, and even if it's Sunday you're ready to get to work. Even so, unresolved issues may distract you.

Your commitments to rest, healing, or helping others can guide you. It is best to focus on one thing at a time so that you do not feel overwhelmed or pulled in different directions.

Today is a strong day for getting help with money matters, taking care of loved ones and , and seeking advice. You see your priorities and goals more clearly and can be motivated enough to get everything back on track and in order.

Taurus Horoscope for April 2 2023

Taurus, the Moon moves into your solar fifth house today for a stay of more than two days, and you become more invested in your activities.

As the Moon opposes Saturn, suggesting some blockages on the path to pleasure, you're ready to make the most of things, letting the obstacles redirect you.

You would do well to take time to talk and connect with loved ones as well, this break can lift your spirits and fuel your motivation. This is a good time to reflect on an important project, especially with a communication or learning effort. You seem ready for a challenge! This can also be a good time to reach out to make a new connection or with a loved one.

Horoscope for Sunday, April 2nd 2023 for Gemini

Gemini, with the Moon moving into your solar fourth house today, you are seeking more comfort and calm. This is the time of the lunar month to explore your inner world and better understand your needs.

Today's Moon-Saturn opposition reminds you of your commitments, challenging you to find a better balance between your personal and outer life.

You have a greater need for and familiarity, but you're also ready to pursue and secure things with the Moon's harmony with Mars, which is currently energizing your resources sector.

This can be a good time to make purchases that you want to see last. Good energy is with you to get help with money matters or to take care of your rocks.

Cancer Horoscope for April 2 2023

Cancer, the Moon's move into your solar third house today energizes you and makes you want to connect with others. You are more curious, but your attention span may be short.

With the Moon's opposition to Saturn in all of your communication sectors, there may be some frustration in the family over differences of opinion, or you may have to reluctantly suppress your thoughts.

Keep your mind stimulated changing the routine a bit, but try to follow some rules today for best results.

This is a great time to strengthen your alliances and lend a hand to those who need it. You can easily move from a supporting role to a leading one today. You are also quite willing to share your ideas and time with others.

Leo Sunday Horoscope for April 2 2023

Leo, the Moon is moving into your resource sector today and you prefer safe, familiar, and comfortable settings and activities.

Yet you may struggle with competing needs with the Moon opposite Saturn, and keeping things simple isn't always easy today.

Fortunately, your desire to be helpful is strong, and this can be an excellent time to make connections that advance your ambitions or longer-term goals.

Although you're calmer emotionally today, you're still pretty action-oriented. And even though it's Sunday, you are highly motivated to be productive and extraordinarily resourceful. Activities that strengthen your connection to the “here and now” are a good choice.

Virgo Horoscope for April 2 2023

Virgo, the Moon moves into your sign for a stay of more than two days and you are motivated and efficient.

Activities related to networking and can go especially well and be pleasantly lively.

You face unmet needs, but you feel like taking action. Because the Moon opposes Saturn today, you may face issues that force small changes and refinements that will help you in the long run.

Listen to and interpret your feelings, but watch for a tendency to dwell on problems. A Mars-North Node connection today indicates the benefits of reaching out to others and making contacts.

This is also a good time to spend time with family or to discover like-minded people. are encouraging.

Libra Horoscope for Sunday, April 2nd 2023

Libra, the Moon moves into your hidden sector today for a stay of more than two days.

This transit indicates a need to take a break from overly demanding or involving situations. Activities that promote emotional rejuvenation would be welcome now, and since it's Sunday you can take advantage of that.

However, responsibilities may weigh on you or surprise you with the Moon's opposition to Saturn. This transit reminds you to avoid going too far so that you don't have to pay the price in the future.

Fortunately, you have a good sense of balance and priorities, especially as the day progresses, and your interactions are likely to be warm and encouraging, especially with family.

Scorpio Horoscope for April 2 2023

Scorpio, with the Moon passing through your social sector today, you need an emotional recharge. Exploring new ideas or adding to your knowledge can be rewarding.

A Mars-North Node aspect indicates the benefits of reaching out to others and making contact. This can be a pleasantly busy and engaging time, even with family.

You enjoy sharing ideas and being in good company, and a lively theme that leaves room for exploration and discovery is ideal for your current mood. Your interactions can lift your spirits and inspire exciting new plans.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, April 2 2023

Sagittarius, with the Moon moving to the top of your solar chart today, you are more invested in taking care of business and being efficient.

You're thinking about your goals and you're also more likely to get noticed at this time of the lunar month. Try to find a better balance between your work or responsibilities and your family or personal life.

This is also a good day to relax and move forward with personal projects; you are in a more optimistic frame of mind and see challenges as fun. You will be at your best if you take steps to improve your relationships today.

Capricorn Horoscope for April 2 2023

Capricorn, with the Moon passing through your spirit sector today, you seek out non-routine or mentally rejuvenating activities.

The demands of your daily life may interfere with your desire for more adventurous activities today, but that won't stop you from finding ways to have fun.

In truth, there may be some nice connections made with your loved ones. You might enjoy activities that help you connect with a partner or special person. A little spontaneity and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone a bit can be a breath of fresh air today.

Aquarius Horoscope for Sunday, April 2nd 2023

Aquarius, with the Moon moving into your solar eighth house today, you are more likely to want to see and observe rather than take action.

A deeper focus on your feelings and desires may conflict with your desire to take care of business or simplify your life.

However, you are not afraid of challenges today, and putting a little more effort and energy into your activities comes more naturally. It can also be rewarding and boost your confidence.

Taking steps to improve your home life or your sense of security can also come naturally today. It is easier than usual to get the cooperation of others or family to help you achieve your goals.

But even if you do things independently, you feel pleasantly stimulated and motivated today.

Pisces Horoscope for April 2 2023

, your relationships capture more of your attention today. Although you may not feel fully understood with Saturn in your sign opposite the Moon today, if you let that go and work on what matters most to you, you'll be fine.

Fortunately, satisfying and encouraging exchanges can figure prominently. This is a good time to take action on an important project, especially a communication or learning effort.

There's a lot on your mind, but you feel good and confident in your ability to handle things.

Someone may be a positive influence on you, gently motivating you to take action or do something fun and interesting that you might not otherwise have been inspired to do.

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