House of the Dragon’s Intimate Connection to Game of Thrones in Season 2

Recently, there's been a buzz among fans of the HBO series, “”. Season 2 is about to surprise fans by taking them to one of the most locations from its predecessor, “”.

Ryan Condal, the showrunner, spilled the beans on the inclusion of the Wall – the very location that sheltered Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington. This is the very place Jon Snow returned to in the last moments of Game of Thrones' final season.

“The Wall, the northernmost point of Westeros, will come alive again.”

With a likelihood that Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy) or Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) dispatching their emissaries to the Wall seeking support for the impending wars in the series, fans are in for a nostalgic journey.

Dance of the Dragons Takes Center Stage

When “House of the Dragon” premiered a year ago, it delved deep into the origins of the Targaryens. The first season laid the groundwork, focusing on the story of the Targaryens, taken from George RR Martin's ‘Fire and Blood'. Now, as the drama returns with its second season, viewers will witness the brutal battle known as the Dance of the Dragons, an internal conflict among the Targaryen members. This monumental event sees two factions, the Whites and the Blacks, needing support from numerous warriors.

But there's a twist in this season, as this tale deviates from the original work by George RR Martin, offering a unique opportunity for fans to revisit one of the oldest structures in Westeros – the Wall, a symbolic reference from “Game of Thrones”.

Behind The Scenes Glimpses & More

To add to the excitement, last week, a drone video surfaced on YouTube, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look and snippets of the Wall. Al Sirkett, House of the Dragon's sound editor, also hinted at the return to the Wall in Season 2. He poetically described how it might feel, stating, “If we end up going north again, there's so much you can do – like showcasing the pristine snow and just listening to the squeal of the wind.”

In terms of the release, the of the second season has been ongoing in the UK since April. According to Martin, half of the story has already been filmed and the release is anticipated sometime in 2024.

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