How to charge your cell phone when there is no power at home

phone mobile connect to battery power bank

We share a basic survival guide with some tips on how to charge your cell phone when there is no power at home.

We have all been in this unfortunate situation where we are at home and then out of nowhere the power goes out, the electricity supply is cut off in the place and with it the possibility of charging our cell phone or smartphone that has the battery about to die is apparently gone.

The obvious guess is that the power needs to come back on in order to rescue our device and charge its battery again. But the reality is that there are a few ways (not all of them very conventional) to recharge the device.

Here we present a series of tips that can help you get a little extra battery to keep your smartphone with more power while the power comes back on.

Unfortunately, given the obviousness of the circumstance, the alternatives are not many and there are some possible solutions that will not be feasible for all models.

In other cases it will be necessary to err on the side of caution and have some accessories or take some preventive measures to take action when the power goes out.

But perhaps some of the ideas suggested here had not crossed your mind.

Purchase a Power Bank exclusively for blackouts.

It may sound logical and even obvious, but in reality you don't really appreciate the importance of having a power bank for emergencies until the moment you need it most.

Nowadays there are very affordable models with a high range of storage power. The is simple: buy it, charge it to 100% and keep it until the power goes out.

Try a smartphone with reversible charging

There are models that allow you to receive and send your charge to other devices, either via a USB-C to USB-C cable or wirelessly. There are circumstances where this measure can sacrifice the power of an expendable smartphone to pass it to the most necessary one.

Don't forget your laptop

Your laptop has USB ports that can connect to your phone. If the laptop battery is at 100% it is always feasible to connect the device to pass some power to it.

Use your car

The biggest savior when the power goes out and you can't travel far is your car charger. Many touchscreen Android Auto-ready models usually have the necessary input or port to charge the device.

The charging speed is very slow and obviously requires starting the car to get it started, but in extreme cases it is a blunt solution.