How to make the adaptation of your new cat ultra fast and without stress?

Welcoming a new into your home is an exciting , but how do you make sure his adjustment goes smoothly? Follow these to ease the transition and create a warm and secure environment for your new feline friend.

A custom room for optimal comfort

A cozy cocoon : Before your new companion arrives, prepare a quiet room with all the essentials: a soft bed, a clean litter box, a bowl of fresh water and , a scratching post to maintain his claws, a few to entertain himself and even a garment impregnated with your scent. Don't forget to provide hiding places where he can take refuge in case of stress.

Let him explore: Put the carrier on the floor and open it to allow your cat to go out at his own pace. If she's shy or fearful, using pheromones can help her relax more quickly.

The key to success: never force contact

Respect his space : It is essential to let your cat come to you by himself. Never force contact! To encourage your cat to approach you, sit in the room and talk to him gently, offer to play or scatter some treats on the floor. This way, he'll associate your presence with positive experiences.

Meet the : When your cat seems more relaxed, introduce her to your family members one by one. Once she feels comfortable, you can let her explore the rest of her new territory.

Patience and perseverance: the secret to successful integration

Every cat is unique: Some cats adapt quickly to their new environment, while others need more time. If your cat keeps his distance, hides or fires in your presence during the first days, weeks or months, don't be discouraged.

A complicity to come: With patience and , you will succeed in establishing a complicit relationship with your cat. By respecting his rhythm and offering him a secure environment, you will give him all the keys for a successful and stress-free adaptation.

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