How to remove stickers from glass jars without scratching or scraping them off

If you are reluctant to remove labels from jars and jars that you are going to give a second use, try these three effective . You will see that no trace of paper and glue is left behind.

Taking into account a series of basic knowledge, it only takes a little will and environmental responsibility to put recycling into practice. Organic waste, paper, cardboard, plastics or packaging are the most common materials at home and we can all take them to the corresponding container.

However, if we talk about packaging, there are many of these containers that can have a second use. Ideas to promote this are almost endless and are often far removed from their original use. Whether because of their curious or classic shape, many containers are kept (redundancy aside) to store things inside or as a mere decorative object.

Others, much simpler, such as glass jars end up being an indispensable part of any self-respecting , since we store and preserve all kinds of liquids and foods that we use every day when cooking. But there is always a but and, on this occasion, that but are the annoying stickers or labels that seem to come stuck to fire.

In order not to end up with broken nails, there are tricks to remove labels from jars.

Surely you have tried to remove them on more than one occasion, but they resist to disappear completely, so their appearance is not completely clean. The glue used by the brands is increasingly stronger and more consistent, which complicates the operation and kills the patience of the most insistent.

3 infallible methods to get rid of labels

In order not to end up with broken or worn nails from scratching or with the surface of the container scratched by using a knife or an aluminum scouring pad, there are several tricks to easily remove the sticker from jars, whether glass or plastic.

  • Boiling water: this is usually the most effective, especially for glass jars. Simply boil water in a pot and immerse the jars in it for several minutes. They will magically peel off.
  • Soap and vinegar: in case the first method was not effective, put the jars in a pot of water and add dish soap and vinegar. Leave them under boiling water for five minutes. If this still doesn't remove the paper or glue residue, scrub with a scouring pad to remove what's left.
  • with olive oil: if the two previous tricks didn't work, make a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and olive oil. Cover the area of the sticker to be removed and leave it on for 15 minutes. After this time rub with a scouring pad and you will see that it is free of the sticker.
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