How to turn a washing machine into a dryer: the secret button that will save you money

If you want your clothes to come out of the washing machine practically dry and you don't have to use a dryer, learn this homemade trick for your day-to-day life.

That one of the appliances in our home breaks down is bad news for the economy, especially in a situation like the current one in which prices continue to grow exponentially. Having to spend a significant amount on buying a washing machine or having to buy a dishwasher is not a pleasure, although there are those who do it without extreme necessity, i.e., to update their household appliances. But the latter can be done without having to use a brand new appliance.

There are some that allow us to discover functionalities of household appliances that we were unaware of. We must recognize that almost nobody reads the complete instructions of the appliance they have just bought, but that, for the most part, they learn the three or four programs they are going to use most often and, with them, they coexist in their daily lives. And we can apply this equally to washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc.

But there are some tricks that help us to “improve” our appliance without having to buy a new one. Recently we told you about the hidden tab of your washing machine that will allow you to clean it thoroughly to have your clothes always like new, but today we will tell you what is the secret button of the washing machine that will allow you to use it as a dryer.

How to turn a washing machine into a dryer

It is true that there are models of washer-dryer, a two-in-one that facilitates our day to day, but also that the most modern appliances incorporate integrated drying programs in their options. However, most appliances still do not have this possibility, so you have to put in place some option for the garments to remove moisture.

With this trick you won't have to use the dryer, so you save in the long run.

The trick we are going to propose is very simple: when the washing machine cycle you have used is finished, take out the clothes and place a dry towel in the drum. Then, put the clothes back in and press the spin button at maximum power. With this operation you will get the clothes to eliminate most of their humidity easily.

Although it is true that your clothes will not come out completely dry, the truth is that you will hardly have any humidity remains, so drying them will be much easier and faster. In addition, you will not have to use the dryer, so it also means an economic saving, which is appreciated in a situation as complicated as the current one.

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