How to wash your bath towels so they are soft and smell good: this simple tip will save you

If you notice that your towels are deteriorating and losing the soft feel they had in the beginning, this tip will help you make them look as good as the first day.

It is normal that with time and prolonged use, towels will wear out and lose the softness they had on the first day. This happens with all types of clothing and materials, and in the case of towels, they have to deal with very intense contact and moisture every time we dry ourselves.

However, and although it may seem hard to believe, there is a very simple trick that not only keeps the soft feel and pleasant touch of the towels, but also recovers them to some extent if they have already started to deteriorate.

How to make towels soft

The process of making towels soft and fragrant is very simple and only requires a few ingredients that you probably already have in your . Here are the steps to follow, which are all very easy:

  • Separate towels by color before putting them in the washing machine, and don't mix them with other towels or towels of different colors.
  • Add a ladleful of to the drum of the washing machine.
  • Add the detergent normally, in the same way as for the rest of the laundry.
  • Instead of using fabric softener, use the same amount of white vinegar or vinegar.
  • Wash at a medium temperature (30 degrees maximum).
  • Dry the towels normally.

If you follow all these steps correctly, you will probably notice that the towels are softer than before you put them in the washing machine and smell better. This will give them new life and make them feel much more satisfying.

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