IBM abandons humans and opts for ChatGPT for its hiring!

The rise of (AI) is increasingly worrying workers. With the emergence of , DALL-E or Midjourney, the current fear is that this technology will become a threat to jobs, rather than a source of progress.

IBM, one of the leaders in the technology industry, has already expressed its intention to substitute humans with AI. This includes a current process of downsizing in areas that can benefit from automating their tasks. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna estimates that the company could replace up to 30 percent of its employees with machines within five years. This strategic choice could put nearly 7,800 jobs at risk in the company and is not fully endorsed by analysts.

AI to take over the world of work

IBM makes no secret of its ambition to use AI to drive faster growth. Several companies are following their lead and using AI to automate increasingly complex tasks. The impact on employment is considerable, according to the various studies available. AI could eliminate up to 300 million jobs, but it could also create 97 million new ones. However, in order for workers to keep up with this evolution, new jobs need to be continuously learned. Experts suggest speeding up the training process to stay competitive in the job market.

Analysts' concern

Some analysts are questioning IBM's strategy. Pareekh Jain, an analyst at Pareekh Consulting, believes Arvind Krishna's vision can be seen as a hope rather than a plan. Implementing AI-based pilots could become more complicated than expected, leading to delays and adjustments. However, it is hard to be wrong about the great wave of artificial intelligence that is coming and that is shaking up acquired certainties. It is therefore essential to keep abreast of this impending evolution to avoid any surprises.

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