Ideal houseplants to cool the house on hot days

have become the protagonists of most Spanish homes, bringing color and helping to decorate every corner of the house.

But did you know that they can also help improve your home's climate and regulate the temperature in ? In fact, some can be your allies in cooling the atmosphere without having to turn on the air-conditioning. A more economical and natural way to breathe cleaner air and enjoy a fresh, healthy atmosphere during the hot months.

Indoor plants to cool the house in hot weather

Here are some of the plants you can incorporate to cool your home:


Ficus is a plant known for its ability to eliminate chemicals such as benzene. By purifying the air, it helps to refresh the home and eliminate the feeling of stuffy air.


Laurel is a good choice of houseplant for cooling the home. By absorbing moisture, it helps maintain a perfect indoor temperature and also purifies the air. What's more, it can help you get rid of insects in the house.

Aloe vera

helps keep the house cool thanks to the enormous amount of oxygen it releases. Keep the leaves free of dust, so they can retain heat and lower room temperature.


Sanseviera is a plant adapted to both high and low temperatures. It humidifies the air, circulates more oxygen in the room and neutralizes toxic substances.

Bamboo palm

The palm is effective in purifying the air by eliminating carbon monoxide. Recommended for spaces with high ceilings.


Fern increases humidity in the environment and removes pollutants from the air. It creates pleasant, humid environments.

Lemon tree

Lemon trees produce a lot of oxygen and regulate room temperature. Make sure it gets plenty of sun and light.

Moses crib

This type of plant absorbs excess moisture, regulating home temperature and destroying mold. Perfect for bathrooms or humid climates.

Love ribbon

ribbon absorbs heat while improving the temperature of the environment. This light-resistant plant can be placed anywhere in the home.

Areca palm

Areca palm removes toxic substances from the environment, purifying the air and regulating temperature. It also helps humidity levels in the home.

By incorporating these houseplants into your home, you'll be able to enjoy a fresh, healthy and natural atmosphere during the warmer months. Don't hesitate to follow these to improve your home's climate and create a space that's a pleasure to live in.

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