If you make these five charging mistakes, your cell phone battery is going to fail you in the middle of the day!

Taking care of our cell phone battery is an essential part of ensuring the durability of our device. However, it is easy to fall into charging mistakes that, in the long run, will affect the life of our battery. In this article, we present you the five most common charging mistakes we all face.

Using your cell phone while charging

It is easy to get distracted by our smartphone while it is charging. However, using our cell phone while it is plugged in can lead to explosions, especially if we use a poor quality charger. The best solution to avoid this risk is not to use our phone while it is charging, and to use an original cable and connector.

Do not use the original charger

We often look for generic chargers for our smartphone, either because the original charger no longer works, or because we do not have easy access to the original charger. However, using an official charger that fits our phone is always preferable. Generic chargers can generate a lower or higher voltage than the one intended for our smartphone, which can affect the life of our battery.

Wait for the battery to reach 0%.

We should never wait until our phone's battery is completely dead before charging it. It is better to charge our phone as soon as we have the opportunity, to avoid leaving our battery empty for a long time.

Use a cell phone case when charging

Using a cell phone case can contribute to the overheating of our device, especially when it is charging. To avoid this, we should remove the case from our phone when we charge it. We can put it back on once it has finished charging.

Using a poor quality power bank

Power banks can be very useful, especially when we are on the go. Unfortunately, we do not always buy the best quality products. It is important to choose a quality power bank for our cell phone. Poor quality batteries can potentially generate a higher or lower voltage than our smartphone is designed to handle, which will affect the life of our battery.

By avoiding these five common charging mistakes, we can ensure the durability of our cell phone battery, which will prevent us from having to replace our device too quickly. This way we can enjoy all the features of our cell phone.

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