Infidelity revealed thanks to an exchange of notes between neighbors: discover this incredible story

A simple exchange of notes between neighbors in a building takes a surprising turn and reveals a story of deception and betrayal. Find out how this woman discovered her husband's through the intervention of a disgruntled neighbor.

Notes between neighbors: a phenomenon on social networks

Exchanges of notes between neighbors in buildings can sometimes be considered as a genre in itself. They have become a real phenomenon on social networks, thanks to their originality or their sometimes violent tone. These notes, often posted in the elevator, allow neighbors to express their dissatisfaction about various topics, such as noise at late hours.

A surprising story revealed by neighbors' notes

In this incredible story, a neighbor posts a passive-aggressive note complaining about the loud sexual practices of one of her neighbors. But in a twist worthy of the best scripts, the challenged neighbor responds, and no one expects her to reveal.

The story was shared on the account of “Gente que se Extingue Sola”, in the form of two images. The first image shows the accusation of the neighbor of the 2nd A, who blames her neighbor next door, the 2nd B, for waking up her five-month-old baby with cries such as “aiss”, “it hurts”, “my God”, “not that way”, “I cum” and other sexual expressions.

Lubricant as proof of discontent

In addition to this detailed description of the annoying noises, the disgruntled neighbor adds that she left some lubricant “so that it would be more bearable and they could make with less pain and more quiet.” She even attached a small bottle of lubricant to the message to make it .

The unexpected and dramatic response of the accused neighbor

The second image shows the response of the accused neighbor on a different note. Instead of showing her displeasure or responding in a sarcastic or defiant manner, she tells a truly dramatic story. The noisy neighbor returns the bottle of lube to her accuser, explaining that she no longer needs it. She then subtly reveals that she has discovered that her husband is on her.

The neighbor in 2nd B explains that it is impossible for her to wake up the baby at nap time with his screams because she is not at home, working until 10 p.m. “It is my husband who is at home at those hours,” she says. The dramatic twist comes when she adds, “I mean, he was at my house at those hours, because he now spends nap time, breakfast, lunch, dinner and shower at that bitchy mother-in-law's house.” The story unfolds like this, and the words speak for themselves. Predictably, this post went viral and accumulated over 100,000 “likes.”

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