IQ test: prove you’re a genius by moving a single match in 15 seconds!

This kind of challenge is becoming more and more famous on social networks. Indeed, the tests have an unparalleled success thanks to the good it brings. Here, we have one that you may like.

Are you able to solve this equation in this IQ ? However, it does not require advanced mathematical skills.

What does this puzzle consist of?

Today's challenge is very simple. It consists of solving an equation. Specifically, you have to move just one match to the equation. To make it more difficult, you only need 15 seconds to do it. Indeed, the starting equation is 1+7=0. Of course, this is incorrect. Note that solving riddles and puzzles can be a fun way to test your mental acuity and skills. In case you think you can solve this puzzle quickly, try it and see if you can beat the time!

Obviously, to solve the equation in this IQ test, have some original thinking. The puzzle requires you to examine it carefully and concentrate in order to solve it. Of course, solving a puzzle is always a fun challenge. It gives us a chance to show off our problem-solving skills. It can be difficult to determine which pieces to move to complete the puzzle. So, it is important to use our minds and especially our to find the best solution.

IQ test: how to solve the equation?

Did you pass the test? You've been on social lately, you may have seen this challenge appear on your feeds. Besides, this test helps us to improve ourselves. However, you shouldn't overdo it, as it could damage your .

Without further ado, the answer is -1+1=0, so if you find it within 15 seconds, congratulations! Indeed, from then on, you are part of a minority of people who have found it. But how did we manage to solve the equation of this IQ test? Since the equation 1+7=0 was wrong, by moving the match from the top of the 7 and placing it in front of the 1, we get -1+1=0. Some of you have found an alternative solution and we thank you for sharing it with us. It consists in moving the vertical match of the “+” sign and adding it to the top of the “1” to make it a “7”, thus giving us the following equation: 7-7=0.

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