It’s confirmed! Artificial intelligence already knows the future and predicts the cure of cancer, a new pandemic, the insurrection of robots and much more!

Nostradamus, the famous medieval prophet, is world famous for his apocalyptic predictions. This time, , an AI-powered bot, plays the role of Nostradamus to make seven new predictions about the next 100 years. The predictions include a miracle cure for , a deadly new pandemic, the establishment of the first colony on and finally, peace on Earth.

2031 – A cure for cancer

According to AI's Nostradamus, the world will witness an exceptional and rare medical achievement in 2031: the discovery of a cure for cancer. However, this breakthrough will trigger a massive class struggle to gain equal and fair access to the treatment. The rich will hoard, while the poor will struggle. The question of fairness in access to treatment will be debated, and society will be divided.

2050 – Climate chaos takes its toll

In 2050, the world will face terrible natural disasters that will terrorize the global population. AI Nostradamus predicts that humanity will be plagued by storms, fires, floods and hurricanes due to climate change. Greed and apathy will take its toll, and man will be forced to find a way to fix the Earth before it goes astray. In a word, the climate apocalypse is coming.

2060 – AI Revolution

In the coming decades, robots and machines with deep intelligence will reshape our industries and the world around us. The Nostradamus of AI predicts a revolution by the year 2060. However, this revolution will create fear and anxiety in humans as jobs disappear and futures darken. Humans will have to adapt and relearn how to live with technology.

2074 – Mankind's first colony on Mars

In 2074, AI Nostradamus predicts that mankind will finally establish a colony on the red planet. Mars will be a new frontier for mankind, an alien land where colonies will spring up and man will face new challenges. The cosmic dream of going into space will finally be realized.

2084 – Cyborgs become reality

In 2084, the perfect fusion of man and machine will become a reality, opening a new door for humanity. This revolutionary scientific breakthrough will reveal the secrets of our own brilliance and open the new frontier of brain-machine fusion, enhancing human cognition.

2085 – A new deadly pandemic breaks out

Sadly, AI Nostradamus predicts a new deadly pandemic to hit in 2085, 65 years after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is good news: humans will show great resilience and unite to break the evil as they did with COVID-19. This new pandemic will be a lesson in taking care of our and valuing life more than ever.

2099 – Peace on Earth

And finally, the most optimistic prediction of all: in 2099, deep peace will cover all nations of the world. Man will unite with and harmony, erasing borders and divisions. It will be a triumph of unity, a realized vision of peace on Earth.

Nostradamus' predictions of AI are both terrifying and ambitious. This predicted apocalypse only makes sense if we prepare for it by paying special attention to health, environment and technology issues. Man will have to adapt, relearn and evolve. Challenges await us, and it is together that we must meet them.

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