John Wick 5′ in development, will Keanu Reeves be back?

Lionsgate's COO has confirmed that “ 5” is in development. Will be back?

It looks like the “goodbyes” will be short-lived. The franchise, which has become one of cinema's greatest successes in recent years, looks set for a fifth installment. In addition to its spin-offs, including the Continental series and Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas, it would appear that John Wick 5 is in the works.

Lionsgate COO Joe Drake has confirmed that a fifth installment in the John Wick saga is in development. “What is official, as you all know, is that Whale will be the first spin-off and it will be released next year. We're developing three other productions, including John Wick 5 and a TV series, The Continental. We're building a world that will be organic when the fifth film comes out. A few weeks ago, the studio already said it was “in talks” with all the parties involved.”

For his part, Chad Stahelski, who directed all the John Wick films, said he was flattered that if the series continues, it's not just to make money, “it's because people really want more” he said in an interview with The Reporter. “I think we need a little time to figure out where the franchise is going.”

John Wick: a blockbuster for critics and audiences alike

The John Wick saga is a success at the box office, with critics and audiences alike. In fact, John Wick 4 is the highest-grossing film ever made. It grossed $428 million worldwide, making it the most successful film in the franchise.

That, at least from the studio's point of view, is one of the motivations for planning John Wick 5. But the reality is that they've become one of the best action sagas around, and that's made it almost inevitable to continue.

Originally scheduled for release in May 2021, * it has been pushed back several times to its release date by several years in anticipation of being seen.

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