Jubilan has a police dog, and they give him this heartwarming surprise that moves social media

The 's sniffer has retired after 8 years of service

The work of police dogs is crucial to putting an end to drug trafficking. These trained animals are responsible for detecting all kinds of substances or hidden money with their sense of smell, becoming an essential part of forces. Just like their human counterparts, dogs also retire to enjoy well-deserved rest.

While they are active, they are trained to handle police missions. But once they leave their profession behind, they don't forget about it. This is what happened to the protagonist of the viral video, who received a beautiful surprise from his station colleagues after 8 years of service.

The surprise that moves social media

On his last day as the TSA's airport sniffer dog, those who have spent time with the animal wanted to thank him for his dedication with a surprise that has touched social .

The dog encountered what appeared to be one last suitcase to inspect. But it was a small trick. After sniffing the luggage, he found dozens of tennis balls to play with.

The idea has delighted social media, and many have been moved by the video of the moment, thanking the dog for its work in the police force. “A well-deserved retirement ,” one user responded. “The best farewell ” or a “wonderful” surprise are some of the comments that can be read in the post, which has already surpassed one million views.

Some couldn't help but become emotional upon seeing the dog's reaction as all the balls that were gifted at his retirement party fall. “I'm not crying,” more than one user has replied.

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