Kitchen utensils not to be stored in drawers

Space problems in the are common, unless you have a large kitchen, which is usually not the case. Therefore, there are many problems when it comes to storing all the utensils we use to cook and prepare our best recipes.

It is normal to be faced with small cabinets and a reduced number of drawers. That's why it's a priority to make the most of them. Storing properly is a challenge, especially in the kitchen drawers where we keep that should never be there. Here are a few of them.

What not to put in the kitchen drawers

One of the most common mistakes is keeping open packages. Why? Because kitchen drawers are for the utensils we use to cook. Also, if the food is open, we can encourage the proliferation of pests or the appearance of and roaches. It is best to place them on shelves or in a pantry.

Drawers are also often used to store small, seldom-used electrical appliances, such as a juicer, toaster or sandwich maker. They should be placed elsewhere, as they take up space that could be used for other items that should be closer. Also, if they are rarely used, it is time to sell, donate or give them away.

The same is true for cutting boards or serving trays. Their large size means that drawers are not the best place to store them. It's best to look for another place where they won't get in the way, such as the space above the refrigerator, or if they're over- or under-used, maybe it's best to throw them out.

It is essential to keep kitchen utensils well organized, especially those that are used the most.

Finally, it is essential to properly organize the kitchen utensils, especially those that are most used. Otherwise, if they are stacked on top of each other, the only thing you get is to interfere with the operation of the drawer, either blocking and preventing the drawer from opening properly, or causing an accident when picking up a knife or fork. Once you put all of these into practice, you'll have a much more useful space in your kitchen drawers.

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