Learn about breadcrumbing and how to deal with it

“Breadcrumbing”, this trend that is gaining ground on social networks and in our , consists of giving the minimum amount of attention to a person without ever fully engaging. Find out how to recognize and manage this phenomenon that can lead to toxic and problematic situations in our relationships.

Breadcrumbing: a new toxic trend in our relationships

New technologies and the advent of social networks have profoundly transformed the way we communicate and interact with others. New terms have emerged to describe certain behaviors. We already knew about “ghosting”, the attitude of suddenly disappearing for no apparent reason, and “orbiting”, which describes a person who stays in occasional contact with you without ever fully engaging.

Breadcrumbing is another of these long-distance seduction tactics. It involves giving the other person minimal attention to maintain their interest, without ever wanting to really invest or commit more seriously to the relationship.

Conflicting signals and emotional crumbs

Breadcrumbing is characterized by intermittent hopes, alternating between encouragement and distance, offering only a few emotional crumbs. This tendency generates confusion, dependence, frustration and suffering, which can lead to toxic and problematic situations in relationships.

Psychological experts believe that this way of reveals the behavior and mentality of people with low self-esteem, constantly seeking to feel valued and desired. This insincere strategy feeds their ego, creating an unhealthy dependency in their partner.

How to deal with breadcrumbing

If you think you are experiencing breadcrumbing, here are some on how to deal with it. It is essential to recognize the situation, not to try to justify the other person and to determine what type of relationship you want. Expressing your feelings and sentiments is fundamental. Once you have done this, evaluate whether the relationship is worthwhile. If you decide to continue, set limits based on respect, without ever denigrating. Don't hesitate to ask for help if necessary.

Breadcrumbing is a phenomenon in our relationships, especially through social networking and dating apps. It is important to be aware of it and to take the necessary steps to deal with it. By recognizing the signs of this behavior, expressing your feelings and setting boundaries based on respect, you can avoid getting trapped in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Remember that you deserve more than just emotional crumbs and that you have the right to a fulfilling and genuine relationship.

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