Lose weight effortlessly with these simple tips that you can apply in your daily life

If your goal is to in the next few months and you want to get rid of those extra pounds so you can show off your hands this summer, you can lose weight effortlessly with these simple you can apply in your daily life.

If your goal is to lose weight in the next few months and you want to get rid of those extra pounds so you can show your hands this summer, you don't need to resort to miracle diets that are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. If you want to, follow a recommended by a nutritionist and remember that it is better to eat well than too little.

However, if you find it hard to exercise or don't have time to go to the gym regularly, you can implement these simple tips into your daily life and they will help you lose weight without too much effort and without putting your at risk.

To start losing weight, rest is essential. So try to go to bed earlier and get at least an hour more . This way, when you wake up, you'll have more energy and won't feel like going for a walk or doing some other type of physical exercise.

Have an early dinner and avoid alcohol

To get to bed early, you need to eat dinner earlier. Remember that you burn the fewest calories in the evening because it is unusual to exercise after dinner. So try to eat light and avoid drinking alcohol, because “empty calories” do not help you lose weight.

The WHO recommends walking 15,000 steps a day, but we can't manage 5,000 steps a day!

Do you use your car to go everywhere, do you leave your car as close as possible to your destination to avoid walking? Then try to change these habits, because walking is the best way to exercise and relieve stress. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends walking 15,000 steps a day. However, many times we don't even manage to take 5,000 steps, which is not at all beneficial to our health. So try leaving your car a little further from your destination and force yourself to walk a little more.

Another option is to use a bicycle for your short trips. Cycling can be a great way to get some daily , burn calories and live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Plus, you're helping the environment because it's -free, waste-free and you can park it anywhere.

Avoid the elevator and take the stairs, you will gain health. It may be a little harder at first, but you'll soon get used to it and start feeling better every day. This is a simple habit that you can make part of your daily routine and it can bring you many benefits.

Use a pedometer or bracelet to count the steps you take each day. You can also use an app on your smartphone. Either way, it's a good way to start challenging yourself to gradually reach 15,000 steps.

Cooking at home

When it comes to , cooking at home is more than recommended, as it is proven to consume less meat and less fat. Avoid eating out when you go to work and take your food home.

Also eat between meals and avoid other types of food such as sweets or industrial pastries. It doesn't matter if it's an , banana, orange or tangerine. If you make a habit of it, you will eat healthier and consume the recommended five fruits per day.

Avoid eating out on your way to work and take home prepared food.

Cut out ultra-processed foods for breakfast and snacks and choose “real food” instead. This way, you won't be hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon and you'll avoid mid-morning breakfast and pastries. It's best to have fruit, cheese or yogurt for breakfast. Also cut sugar out of your life, starting with the spoonfuls you put in your coffee.

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