Lower the blinds in summer to keep your home cool!

How to protect yourself from the heat without air conditioning?

Awnings, the ideal ally against high temperatures

With temperatures breaking records in many parts of the country, it's essential to take steps to protect our homes from the sweltering heat. If you don't have air conditioning, or if your windows aren't well insulated, blinds become your best ally in the fight against the heatwave. The ideal strategy is to air your home for 30 to 45 minutes during the coolest hours of the day, then lower blinds, awnings or shutters to block the sun's rays. Using this method, you'll be able to trap coolness inside your home and protect it from high temperatures.

In particular, the most exposed rooms in your home are the most vulnerable to heat. To protect them, use curtains and blinds to keep the heat out.

Plants to cool your home

As well as using blinds, you can also use to bring freshness to your home. Certain plant species, such as tiger's tongue, areca or ribbon, are particularly beneficial for creating a cooler atmosphere. What's more, if you have plants with large leaves, you can spray them with water to increase the freshness in your home.

You can also make the most of your garden by planting trees to create shade around your home. Other include tinting your windows and using white or grey curtains, as well as reinforcing the insulation of your ceiling and walls in the rooms most exposed to the heat.

Simple gestures to keep cool

In addition to the above measures, there are other simple things you can do to keep your room cool. For example, scrubbing your terrace, balcony or the surfaces surrounding your home can help reduce the heat. You can also mop the floor of your home and use a fan to cool down. It's also a good idea to close off unused rooms and minimize the use of electrical appliances, as they give off heat.

Remember that every home has different needs, but it's crucial to observe two basic principles: air the house in the morning and evening, and draw the blinds during the hottest hours of the day. These home remedies will not only protect you from the heat, but also help you avoid nasty surprises on your electricity bill. Protect yourself and stay cool this summer!

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