Lucasfilm and Volkswagen surprise with their latest Mandalorian inspired SUV!

series has still managed to captivate Star Wars fans through its exciting adventures. Nevertheless, Lucasfilm has decided to surprise the lovers of the saga with a new product: the ID. Buzz Mandalorian, a with Volkswagen, an all-terrain electric vehicle inspired by the Star Wars universe.

For now, the ID. Buzz Mandalorian is just a concept car, but it looks spectacularly stunning with its bright gray color reminiscent of Din Djarin's beskar armor. The fate of this car is reserved for a select few.

A look back at the collaboration between Lucasfilm and Volkswagen

This is not the first time Lucasfilm and Volkswagen have collaborated together on projects of this scale. In 2022, they came up with an ID. Buzz for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series with Ewan McGregor as the main character. They created a car that represents the two sides of the force, light and dark.

For the ID. Buzz Mandalorian, the designers captured the aesthetics of Din Djarin's beskar armor as well as his starfighter, the modified Naboo N-1. The all-terrain car features Mudhorn rims and rear windows, the seal of the Mandalorian clan founded by Din Djarin and Grogu.

Analysis of the ID. Buzz Mandalorian by Doug Chiang of Lucasfilm

Doug Chiang, Vice President and Creative Director of Lucasfilm, explained the ideas behind the creation of the ID. Buzz Mandalorian in partnership with the Volkswagen brand.

“We treat our vehicles with a lot of character and , and the ID. Buzz is a fantastic car. If you look at the front, there's a fabulous, warm, welcoming face. So it seemed like a natural fit to merge these two brands, and for me to try to infuse the car with the N-1 aesthetic was just great.”

However, it should be remembered that the ID. Buzz Mandalorian is only a concept car, and that it has been realized for now. Doug Chiang states that “‘You can't beat the physical reality of riding in it, touching it and seeing it in 3D.

In short, the ID. Buzz Mandalorian is a stunning concept car that will delight all fans of Star Wars and the universe of Din Djarin, the bounty hunter better known as the Mandalorian.

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