Marie Kondo’s infallible tip for a perfectly organized suitcase

The long-awaited vacation season is finally here! Whether you're off on a long-haul trip or a weekend getaway, it's time to pack your bags.

But we all know how tedious and stressful this task can be. You often end up packing unnecessary clothes that clutter up your suitcase and make it difficult to close. To help you pack the perfect suitcase and light, discover this tip from Japanese organizer .

Make a list of essentials

Before you start folding your clothes, take a few minutes to think about your destination and the climate. Based on this information, make a list of the essentials you'll need to pack. Marie Kondo encourages us to be functional and forget about “just in case” clothing. Ask yourself, “Do I need this, am I really going to use it?” If the answer is yes, only then add it to your list.

Classify what you're going to wear

Marie Kondo recommends classifying the you take with you into four categories: clothes and shoes, personal care items, documentation (passports, cards, medical insurance, etc.) and electronic devices (laptop, camera, chargers, etc.). Once you've sorted all your items, place the lightest ones at the top of your suitcase. This way, when you put it upright, the weight will be concentrated at the bottom, making it easier to carry.

Pack your suitcase the night before

According to Marie Kondo, the ideal time to pack is the evening before your trip. By packing the night before, you'll avoid adding or removing items at the last minute. It will also give you enough time to buy toiletries or other things you might need before departure.

Fold clothes vertically to save space

To optimize space in your suitcase, follow Marie Kondo's vertical folding method. This technique involves folding your clothes into small bundles of three folds. This works particularly well for T-shirts, polo shirts, thin sweaters, dresses and socks. Not only will you save space, but you'll also prevent your clothes from creasing during the journey.

Organize accessories in vanity cases

We've all been in that situation where we're desperately looking for our toiletries or accessories in our suitcase and can't find them. To avoid this chaos, follow Marie Kondo's advice: put your accessories and toiletries in vanity cases and place them at the bottom of your suitcase.

Protect your shoes with shoe covers

To prevent your shoes from soiling your suitcase and some of your clothes, Marie Kondo recommends placing them in fabric or plastic covers. Even if your shoes are clean, they can still give off odors or dirt from the soles.

Don't give in to the “just in case” temptation

We all have a tendency to pack “just in case” clothes that we end up never wearing. To avoid cluttering up your suitcase, be pragmatic and take only the clothes that are suitable for the climate of your destination. Don't get caught up in the idea that temperatures might change unpredictably.

Keep your valuables in your handbag

Finally, Marie Kondo recommends keeping your important documents and essential electronic devices in your handbag. That way, if you ever lose your suitcase, you'll always have your most precious items with you.

By following these , packing will no longer be a chore. You'll be able to travel light and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your suitcase. Enjoy your trip!

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