Match puzzle: try to make this equation true by moving just one match, a good way to improve your IQ

Solving a match puzzle can greatly stimulate your brain. Try to get this one right by moving just one match.

Match puzzle: a very popular puzzle

Lately, puzzles are very popular on the Internet. There are all kinds of them, such as puzzles, visual tests or riddles. Among them, some people prefer by far the match puzzles. The principle is simple, you have to rearrange matches in a certain order to obtain a geometric shape or a precise mathematical formula.

One thing is for sure, many find this kind of challenge very fun. Indeed, a match puzzle is a fabulous mix between a riddle, a visual challenge, a mathematical problem and many other games. So you can have fun and your intellectual capacity at the same time.

Here is a rather difficult match puzzle

If you like challenges, this one will please you. Indeed, we propose you to solve this match puzzle with no time limit. As you can see, the image shows the mathematical equation 9+5-3 = 1. As you can see, it is false. And it is your job to make it correct in one move.

To do this, you must move only one match. Of course, you must not touch the signs. Only the matches that form the numbers can be moved. This makes it very difficult for you. In any case, if you succeed, it will be the proof that you have an extraordinary creative mind.

The solution to this puzzle

As mentioned earlier, there is no time limit for this exercise. So, no need to stress if you can't do it. You can even take a nap to recharge your brain. In any case, if you succeeded, congratulations, you have a great problem solving ability. For those who want the answer, here it is: you have to move the match on the number 9 to the number 3. The objective is to turn the 9 into 5 and the 3 into 9.

Therefore, the equation becomes 5+5-9 = 1. As you can see, the equation has become correct. And this by moving only one match. Anyway, you can make this match puzzle more challenging by putting a time limit on your friends. Have fun.

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