Mathematical riddle in less than 30 seconds: will you be able to find the solution?

In this mathematical puzzle in less than 30 seconds, you must try to find the value of the owl. Indeed, these small daily challenges allow you to and improve your cognitive abilities and your intelligence. At the same time, in order to find the solution within the time limit, you have to use your logic and thinking skills.

Math puzzle in less than 30 seconds

In fact, this mathematical puzzle in less than 30 seconds consists of three simple equations that you must solve.

In this sense, to find the value of the owl, you must know the value of the penguin and the .
On the other hand, tests allow us to evaluate our cognitive abilities while having fun alone or with friends.

Apparently, they help to avoid boredom while stimulating the brain to know and develop our intelligence and logic.
In particular, for today's puzzle, we have to find the solution, the value of the owl in less than 30 seconds.

Find the value of the owl

Indeed, this mathematical puzzle in less than 30 seconds will put your intelligence and logic to the test.
In this sense, you will have to observe each equation carefully to find the solution as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we will reveal the answer at the end of this article but try to find it first.
Apparently, you have to think outside the box to succeed in this mathematical challenge.

Besides, IQ tests test our cognitive ability to help us improve our analytical skills.

The solution to the math challenge

Indeed, congratulations to all those who found the right answer in less than 30 seconds for your intelligence.

In this sense, you have a mind with an impressive ability to concentrate under pressure.
Besides, a penguin has a value of 10 because 20/2=10 and the value of a cat is 2 because 10×2+2=22.

Therefore, 10×2 – owl10 = 10 -> 20-10=10 -> 10=10, or owlX10=10 -> owl=10/10=1, the value of the owl is 1.
Finally, continue to train your brain and take on challenges to improve your cognitive skills.

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