May is a gardener’s paradise: find out why!

May is often considered the best time for gardeners. Find out how to make the most of this blooming period and how to prepare yourself for the challenges it presents.

Ice Saints: A Meteorological Turning Point

May is a time of transition from cool spring to the still distant summer. The “Saints of Ice”, which mark the transition to warmer weather, are a crucial time for gardeners. It is important to wait for them to pass before you start planting your seedlings and annual flowers, as late frosts can still occur.

Cold nights and night frosts are something to look forward to, as they can be dreadful for flowers already formed, especially on fruit trees. Keep an eye on the sky and, if in doubt, bring in your fragile plants and cover those in the ground with a tarp.

Depending on the region, the weather conditions in May will vary: strong winds and hail storms in the southeast, snow and hail in the higher altitudes, and progressively more sunshine throughout the country.

May, the month of plant abundance

The month of May is rich in events dedicated to plants and gardens, such as flower shows, plant swaps and exceptional garden openings. These events are an opportunity to pick up ideas, talk with passionate experts and acquire new plants.

However, the abundance of plants also has its downside: weeds proliferate and must be regularly hoeing to eliminate them.

Young plants and newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered if showers are spaced out. Use harvested rainwater, which will still have time to refill before summer droughts. Other plants should not suffer from water stress at this time of year.

Beginning in the second half of May, all plants will be able to leave the greenhouse, conservatory or indoor room. Aerate the greenhouse to prevent the last developing seedlings from suffocating and drying out.

Colorful clumps and pollinating insects

Annuals and perennials in brightly colored beds attract pollinating insects, which are essential to our biodiversity. Give them something to eat!

Don't rush to plant your summer beds: it's important to harden off the plants. If you buy them in a greenhouse, they will need to acclimatize to outdoor conditions. A cold frame, opened gradually each day and closed at night as long as frosts threaten, is recommended.

Garden work in May

The list of garden chores to do in May is long, but fortunately, holidays characterize this month! To take care of your garden according to the rhythm of the seasons, you can refer to specialized books such as Gardening Month by Month by Ian Spence, which offers valuable advice. However, be careful about recommendations regarding the use of chemicals, which can harm beneficial insects and, to some extent, humans.

In conclusion, May is an ideal time for gardeners, offering an abundance of plants and many opportunities to exchange and share around plants and gardens. Take advantage of this period to beautify your garden and prepare for the weather challenges and work to be done during this key period.

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