Meta challenges OpenAI: a revolution in the world of artificial intelligence?

Despite recent scandals and billions of dollars lost, remains optimistic and refocuses his ambitions on AI, without abandoning metavers. Find out how intends to revolutionize social networks and take on industry behemoths , and Google!

Clash of the Titans: Meta vs OpenAI, who will dominate AI?

“There has been a notion that we are moving away from the metaverse, and I want to say up front that this is not the case. We've been focused on AI and the metaverse for years and we will continue to focus on both.” This is how Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta, summarized the situation during the presentation of the quarterly results of his company.

While Facebook has had an department since 2013, which has notably contributed to the success of 's networks, Meta has recently launched initiatives such as LLaMa and SAM, signaling its willingness to invest more in AI. The next goal will be to develop a text and creative generation model for advertising campaigns, strengthening its core business.

Artificial intelligence and social networks: Meta's new winning combo

The financial results presentation highlighted Meta's interest in artificial intelligence, mentioned 26 times in the shareholder letter, compared to just eight times for Metavers. The company has also invested billions of dollars in renovating its data centers to develop AI capabilities.

When AI comes to Instagram and WhatsApp: Zuckerberg's promises

Zuckerberg said that generative AI will “touch every single one of our products” and mentioned how the technology could revolutionize 's customer service for businesses: “Once the ability for tens of millions of AI agents to act on behalf of a business or service is enabled, they will be able to scale their customer service tremendously.

There will be many applications for AI: chat experiences on WhatsApp and Messenger, visual authoring tools for Facebook and Instagram posts, and even multimodal and video experiences. The technology would benefit everyone from everyday users to creators and businesses.

The multiple transformations of Meta: from Facebook to the conquest of AI

Meta's strategic shift to artificial intelligence is no substitute for past scandals, such as the Cambridge Analytica case, which resulted in a $725 million fine and potential compensation for more than 87 million people involved in a class action lawsuit. But it is also a major industry shift.

In its transformation from Facebook to Meta, the company pivoted from its most profitable business (social networks and advertising) to a new market: virtual reality, which has grown with its Oculus division. Today, artificial intelligence is added to this list of ambitions.

A change of era for social networks

Part of the reason for this shift to AI is the stagnation of the social network market for Meta. While Facebook continues to generate revenue despite scandals, the platform is struggling to attract new users, especially among young people. Instagram is currently at its peak, but could follow the same trajectory as its predecessor.

Meta, future leader in artificial intelligence?

As Meta continues to invest in metavers and artificial intelligence, the question is whether the company will be able to compete with giants such as OpenAI, Microsoft and Google. Advances in AI and virtual reality could propel Meta to the forefront of this growing industry.

Meta seems destined to become a major player in the world of artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg's strategy of relying on AI to revolutionize his hardware products and services may well pay off and make Meta the first OpenAI competitor. Only time will tell if this bold pairing will bear .

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