New feature on WhatsApp: great news for iOS users

This new feature on is very good news for iOS users, no more video clipping. In this sense, even if you are using another application at the same time, this instant messaging application will not cut your video call. At the same time, this little problem that has just been solved is especially relevant for iOS users.

New feature on WhatsApp

Indeed, this new feature on WhatsApp will even allow you to keep an eye on the person you are talking to even when you leave the app.

In this sense, WhatsApp will no longer cut the video during a call if you are using another app.
Apparently, this feature update is especially relevant for all users with an .

In particular, it concerns the Picture-in-Picture feature that has been quietly tested since mid-December in the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS.
In other words, the picture-in-picture mode is now automatically activated during a video call if you need to exit the application.

No more video clipping if you exit the app

Indeed, the video is automatically paused when you leave the full screen mode to open another application.

However, the new feature on WhatsApp in version 23.3.77 allows you to view your video call in a remote window.
Therefore, you can easily reply to a message without leaving your call, which is very good news.

At the same time, WhatsApp has also just rolled out a new option allowing you to add captions to the documents you share.
But again, the company is also testing on iOS the possibility for users to embed up to a hundred images or documents simultaneously.

Great news for iOS users

Indeed, WhatsApp is constantly bringing new features to improve the experience of its loyal users.

In this sense, the instant messaging application launched several new features to try to boost its statuses a few weeks ago.
Apparently, it is a declination of stories little exploited by users of the messaging.

And yet, we can define a private audience and find new interactions through this feature.
Notably, WhatsApp now allows the publication of voice statuses and allows you to react to your contacts' statuses with an emoji.

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