Noisy neighbors: how to deal with this daily nightmare?

Are you tired of noise pollution caused by your neighbors? Discover our advice to solve this delicate situation!

Everyday noise and night-time disturbance, an unbearable reality

Noise and night disturbance are among the most common neighborhood problems. As Zazie says in one of the titles of her latest album, it is sometimes difficult to bear the incessant noise of our neighbors. Even the famous artist had to leave her home because of her neighbors who were unhappy with her vocalizations!

How to react to neighborhood noise?

Talking to your neighbor is the first step to solve the problem of noise pollution. If this does not work, send him a simple letter, then a registered letter if necessary.

The co-ownership, an ally against noise pollution

In a condominium, the condominium rules can prohibit or limit certain noises. If you are a co-owner, do not hesitate to contact the syndic to explain the situation. If you are a tenant, ask your landlord to contact the syndic.

Call the authorities to solve the problem

Your town hall or prefecture can help you by establishing decrees prohibiting certain noises at certain times. Moreover, the Adil (departmental association of information on housing) can inform you about your possible recourses.

Mediation, a solution to avoid conflict

A court conciliator or a mediator can help you find an amicable solution. This step is essential to be able to go to court if necessary.

The police, a last resort when faced with noise pollution

If nothing works, you can have the noise noticed by the police. The author of the noise pollution can be fined, and the fine will be higher in case of night-time noise.

The court, to obtain compensation

By going to court, you may be able to get compensation for the damage you suffered. You will have to provide as much evidence as possible. The judge can order the soundproofing of the noise maker's home or terminate the lease if the noise maker is a tenant.

Noise pollution caused by noisy neighbors can seriously affect your quality of life. Don't let this situation affect you further and take steps to resolve the problem. Dialogue, mediation and recourse to the competent authorities are all solutions to put an end to this inconvenience.

Remember that living in a community means respecting others and being understanding. Don't let neighborhood noise get the better of you, and act accordingly to regain the peace of mind you deserve.