Oliver Stone reveals SHOCKING truth about working with Richard Dreyfuss – you won’t BELIEVE what he said!

and Clash over W. Biopic

Oliver Stone and Richard Dreyfuss are both heavyweights, but working together proved to be a challenge during the making of the 2008 biopic W. Stone directed the film, which focused on former . President and his vice president, , played by Dreyfuss. Unfortunately, Dreyfuss hated the experience so much that he openly criticized the film during the press tour. Stone responded by saying that working with the Jaws star was the “single worst experience” of his illustrious . Here's a look at the clash and the heated exchange that followed.

A Hollywood Clash of Titans

Both Stone and Dreyfuss are respected figures in Tinseltown. Dreyfuss has starred in iconic films such as Jaws, American Graffiti, and Mr. Holland's Opus, while Stone is a two-time Oscar-winning director for Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. Both have also made controversial or offensive remarks. Stone, a supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin, once made comments about Jewish “domination” of the , and Dreyfuss lamented that he'll never get to play a Black man because of societal norms surrounding blackface.

Sparks Fly on Set, Then on Press Tours

Stone appeared on The View in 2008 to promote W., but instead of supporting the film, he spent much of his time deriding it and its star. Dreyfuss later called Stone out for failing to include a character that depicted Americans' fear of President Bush. Four years after the film's release, Stone told The Hollywood Reporter that working with Dreyfuss took the cake as his worst experience with an actor ever. In turn, Dreyfuss publicly criticized the film and Stone.

The Fallout

W. received mixed reviews and failed to earn any Oscar nominations. Dreyfuss and Stone have never reconciled and their has remained in the press for years. While the on-set tension was intense, the negative press attention that the film received was also difficult for both parties.

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