OpenAI and 1X partner to develop the first humanoid robot with a ChatGPT brain

has taken a giant leap forward in the past five months. Image-generating developments such as Dall-E and the text-based interaction of are revolutionizing the world of technology.

This pair of initiatives, which rely on machine learning mechanisms, will be combined with robotics development to create a kind of humanoid that can interact through artificial intelligence.

AI systems developer has teamed up with Norwegian robot company 1X to create the first functional humanoid.

This is not the first such initiative to emerge in the world. We've already taken a close look at the work done with Ameca, the first robot capable of executing human facial reactions such as a wink, a smile, or expressions of joy, worry, or fear.

The combination of OpenAi and 1X does not go in this direction. The Norwegians had already created a robot called EVE, but it was powered by wheels. Now, according to an article in Computer Today, they are moving toward making a device that would stand like humans and perform tasks similar to a factory worker.

Its functions are assisted by artificial intelligence developed by ChatGPT. It is called NEO and the first images are really amazing.

“1X is delighted that OpenAI is leading this round of funding, as we agree on our missions: to intelligently integrate emerging technologies into people's daily lives,” said Bernt Bornich, CEO and founder of 1X Technologies.

Has the replacement of humans finally arrived? It seems so. Robots can work without tiring for 24 hours at a time. And unless they create a consciousness, they will be subject to their employers' orders for any command.

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