Optical illusion : this game will put your visual capacity to the test, try to find the camel in this kaleidoscope of colors

Here is an that will surely interest you. Find the camel in this kaleidoscope with random colors.

Exercising your brain with an optical illusion

One thing is sure, visual tests are becoming more and more widespread on the internet. Lately, many sites propose to Internet users to find symbols or illustrations hidden behind images. But the difficulty always lies in the fact that the illustrations in question are hidden by an optical illusion. In any case, if these tests are so popular, it is because they help to improve visual acuity.

In fact, many ophthalmologists offer this type of challenge to their patients to help them see better. In addition, these tests sometimes require thinking and thus help to stimulate the brain. Just for you, here is a visual challenge found on the stereogramaday account.

Optical illusion: find the camel in the picture

Magic Eye published on this TikTok account a very difficult visual challenge. Indeed, at first sight, the image seems to represent only a kaleidoscope of random colors. The publication then asks the question “what is it?”. One thing is for sure, there is a lot to be confused about. In reality, underneath this optical illusion, in the middle of all that color, is a camel. Try to see it.

There is a specific method to find it. First, you have to hold the screen close to your face. Then you need to move it away slowly, which should make the camel easier to see. In any case, it is extremely difficult to find this method by yourself.

Make your brain build a 3D image

The Vision and Eye website provides more details about the phenomenon you experienced. Apparently, the optical illusion you saw is an autostereogram. That is, a two-way or 2D image with repeating , which actually hid an underlying 3D image.

So when you first look at the image, the brain instinctively focuses on the 2D patterns. But you need to see beyond these patterns. So moving the screen slowly should help you do this. Indeed, this method will help your brain to build a 3D image by changing your perspective.

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