Plant these 5 unbelievably simple fruit trees in your backyard and live your best life!

5 Easy Trees You Can Plant in Your

Planting fruit trees for the first time can be an intimidating prospect for novice gardeners. However, there are several types of fruit trees that tend to be the easiest to care for, making them ideal for people who are just getting started at developing their green thumb. Here are five easy fruit trees to plant in your backyard, according to experts.

1. Trees: Beginner gardeners interested in planting fruit trees can see great success with apple trees thanks to their and low maintenance needs. “They are available in various sizes, including dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties, making them suitable for smaller spaces,” notes Gene Caballero, a landscaper and co-founder of GreenPal. To ensure that your apple trees grow healthily and bear fruit, you'll need to plant them in adequate sunlight and prune them regularly. Apples are known for their hardiness and can tolerate a range of soil conditions.

2. Citrus Trees: Depending on the climate in your area, citrus trees can be another hassle-free addition to your backyard. “These are perfect in warmer climates as they require a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day,” says Scott Carroll, a gardening expert and blogger with Yard Work. Citrus trees benefit from regular watering, particularly during dry periods, and occasional . With proper care, citrus trees can yield an abundance of delicious fruit.

3. Peach Trees: Peach trees prefer full sun, well-draining soil, and regular watering—especially during dry spells and when fruits are developing. is necessary to maintain the tree's shape, remove diseased or dead branches, and promote airflow. Peach trees are well-suited for backyard cultivation, thanks to their compact size and attractive blossoms. With proper care, peach trees can reward you with juicy, flavorful fruits.

4. Fig Trees: Able to thrive in a range of climates and soil types, fig trees are another easy fruit tree to plant in your backyard. Fig trees require minimal pruning, usually limited to removing dead or damaged branches. They prefer well-draining soil and regular watering during the season. Figs are a delightful fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary creations. If you live in a particularly cold climate, you may need to take extra steps to protect fig trees from harsh winter weather.

5. Cherry Trees: Cherry trees are a beautiful addition to any backyard, and they produce delicious fruit. If you prefer to eat fresh cherries off the tree, you'll need to opt for sweet cherries. However, if you plan to cook and preserve them or bake with them, sour cherries may suffice. While sweet cherries require a more extensive growing space, sour cherry trees are more compact and suitable for smaller yards. In order to successfully plant cherry trees, you'll need well-draining soil and a sunny location. Once they're fully established, cherry trees rarely need to be watered and can rely on rain to meet their needs, adjusting for drought.

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