Protect your children at the pool and beach

Wearing poor-quality swimwear can have serious consequences, especially for .

Tourniquet syndrome, which not many people are aware of, can occur when swimwear gets caught in the genitals. In this article, we explain the mechanisms of this syndrome and what you can do to avoid accidents.

Poor-quality swimwear, a health hazard

Poor-quality , whether classic or boxer, often feature a mesh inside. This part of the garment, originally designed to allow the swimsuit to be worn without underwear, can pose a problem when the holes are too large.

Every year, several cases are reported where children or adults end up in the emergency room because of their swimsuits. This phenomenon, known as tourniquet syndrome, occurs when the swimsuit gets caught in the genitals.

The mechanism of tourniquet syndrome

In a video, emergency technician turned health communicator Miguel Assal explains how this syndrome works. According to him, when children get into the water and their genitals contract, they can get caught in the holes in their swimsuits.

Genitals can easily stick to the rough mesh of a swimsuit, even when it's dry. When wet, certain parts of the body swell, which can cause them to get caught in the mesh.

This can impair blood circulation and lead to edema, swelling caused by the accumulation of fluid in the body's tissues. It is therefore imperative to act quickly to avoid serious damage to health. Above all, don't pull on the shirt in the hope of freeing it.

The risk of wet bathing suits

In addition to tourniquet syndrome, the prolonged wearing of wet bathing suits presents other health . Humidity encourages the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

A swimsuit that comes out of the water does not directly cause these types of illnesses; the risk increases with the length of time the wet swimsuit is worn.

It's not advisable to wear underwear under your bathing suit, as it takes longer to dry due to its thickness and the material it's made of.

Tourniquet syndrome and infections associated with prolonged wear of wet swimwear are that are often overlooked. The use of quality swimwear with a suitable inner mesh is recommended to avoid any accidents. What's more, it's essential to change quickly after leaving the water, and to dry your swimsuit thoroughly before putting it back on.

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