Protect your feet from the hot sand of the beach: follow our tips for putting on your flip-flops correctly.

The beaches are packed with bathers these days to make the most of their vacations. Waves, sea, towels and umbrellas are usually the usual image of the first days of August, although they coincide with the third heat wave of this summer season.

Spending long days at the requires the use of to protect against the sun and prevent damage. However, feet also suffer from high temperatures, as beach sand is hotter and can burn.

The beach is the most eagerly awaited time to disconnect from routine. Although if you're going to spend many hours on the beach, it's important to know if you have the right flip-flops and are wearing them correctly so that your feet don't touch the hot sand.

High temperatures can make this day less bearable, because if you don't wear sunscreen, it can cause skin burns. However, if you overuse your flip-flops, your feet can also be injured by coming into contact with the sand.

Wear your flip-flops upside down for greater comfort

To avoid damaging your feet, we explain what you can do to make the transition from towel or chair to water more comfortable. Be careful, because if you're wearing flip-flops, this is the right way to wear them and avoid burns.

To do this, it's important that you wear flip-flops backwards when you go to the beach. This way, you can avoid direct sunlight and when you put them back on, they're not hot and are more comfortable for your feet.

If the temperature is very high, flip-flops can warp or burn, depending on the material they're made from. For this reason, this type of is not recommended, as it can cause us to slip and lose our , leading to injuries, strains or sprains.

Beach day essentials

Enjoying summer means going to the beach, even though it's important to bring everything that's essential for us. So, if a list is made with everything we need to spend a summer day, you won't forget anything.

First of all, we need to choose a sun cream that's best suited to our needs, i.e. taking into account our skin type, as well as our habits. The minimum recommendation for protection is a cream with a factor of 15, although the ideal is a protector with a factor of 50. We also recommend applying this product half an hour before going to the beach, every two hours and after taking a bath.

The best clothing option for going to the beach is generally to wear light colors and avoid dark ones. It's also important to be comfortable, so choose light clothes and a swimsuit or bikini. For this, you can't miss a towel, a mat or a deckchair.

is also an important component of a day at the beach, so you can bring along accessories such as mats, surfboards or balls. To make the most of the day with the kids, it's important not to forget to bring the traditional buckets and spades for playing in the sand.

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