Put your fridge in order and store all your cans in the smallest possible space.

Organizing your refrigerator is essential if you want to store everything you want. Soda cans take up a lot of space, but there's a way to make them less cumbersome

We store a wide variety of foods in the refrigerator. By organizing the properly, we can not only keep them longer and avoid the growth of bacteria and possible cross-contamination that could lead to poisoning, but also save a little space to store everything in it in a sensible and orderly way.

Chaos is one of the reasons why refrigerator space isn't used to the full. To avoid it, there's a simple measure to adopt: arrange shelves from back to front, placing products that are going out of date at the front and slow-moving products, such as pickles or sauce jars, at the back.

It's important to know that the best place to defrost large chunks of fresh produce or seafood, for example, is the drawer that refrigerators have above the one used for and , because it's isolated from the rest of the products stored in the fridge and avoids drips that could contaminate other foods.

Amazon can dispenser

It's also worth noting that not all fruit needs to be refrigerated, freeing up space in the fruit drawer. This is the case for tropical fruits, avocados or tomatoes. They only need to be kept cold once opened. You can also save freezer space by replacing tupperware with ziplock bags.

However, some products take up too much space. This is true of soft drink and beer cans. To optimize space, all you need is a can dispenser which not only allows you to store them, but also to choose and drink the one you want, as they are held horizontally on two transparent levels and can be easily picked up.

A can dispenser allows cans to be stored, selected and drunk.

This dispenser has a capacity of 10 cans, can be used in most refrigerators (it measures 36 centimeters long), is available on Amazon and costs 27.99 euros.. The curious thing about this invention is that you don't have to move each can around until you find the one you're looking for, then put them back so they take up less space. This is undoubtedly a very practical solution for everyday use, especially in when we consume more cold .

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