Reveal the beauty of your parquet: a simple way to remove scratches with a common household ingredient

Anyone who prides themselves on having a beautiful, comfortable home knows that the floor is one of the elements that needs the most attention.

It's the first thing see when they enter the house and adds extra sophistication to rooms. However, time and regular use can also cause it to lose its shine and hard-to-remove stains and scratches.

A foolproof trick to bring your parquet back to life

Today at VIVIR we're talking about a basic product that we use every day to prepare our dishes, but which also has enough potential to become one of our best allies, if we know how to use it properly.

There's something the floor loves more than cleaning wax, nuts or vinegar. Oil has been used since time immemorial to restore and nourish wood thanks to its cleaning and antibacterial properties. It can be used in its various versions: olive, teak, pine or, above all, sunflower, the most recommended to apply to damaged floors.

To restore a floor's shine, simply spread a few drops of this oil on a cotton cloth or tea towel and rub, using a circular motion, over the damaged area of the floor.

With this simple action, you'll see how, in just a few moments, the stains that have been stealing the shine from your floors disappear for years. In the case of cracks, especially if they are deep and wide, you may not eliminate them completely, but you'll be able to camouflage them effectively and without having to invest in new cleaners.

A star ingredient to bring your floor back to life

To avoid getting to that point and having to pay for an expensive repair that could actually be avoided, Internet users have brought back an old cleaning trick that never fails and requires little effort. The best part? That all you need to put it into practice is a star ingredient. One, moreover, that we all have in the pantry.

If you notice that the floor has lost its color in recent years, or has taken on a darker hue than originally, you can also add a few drops of red vinegar to the mix to help color it. This is a quick and effective method that can also be applied to any other piece of wooden furniture you want to give a new lease of life at home.

With this new use (which isn't so important after all), oil becomes an ideal alternative to other, more aggressive commercial products. It's important to remember that wood is a highly sensitive material that requires daily maintenance, and neither the frequency nor the manner in which it is carried out can be neglected.

Other routine recommendations include placing carpets in common traffic areas, using protectors on furniture legs and gently mopping them to ensure that floors are properly maintained and continue to bring the rooms in your home to life. mopping.

Protect your parquet from summer humidity

In the constant search for practical solutions to our usual cleaning chores, a new trick has emerged to help us restore the splendor of our platforms and floors this .

During the summer season, wood faces one of its greatest enemies: humidity. At these times, temperatures rise, and with them the likelihood of water being absorbed by the wood and eventually rising, forming cracks and, in the worst case, even rotting.

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