Say goodbye to birdstain! Discover the infallible tip for cleaning your car without scratches

The easy way to remove bird droppings from your car in

Far from pleasant, the task of bird droppings from your car becomes more difficult as the heat rises. Especially in summer, birds seem to acquire a funny disposition to point at our vehicles whenever they want to relieve themselves.

This avian need has made it a for motorists to step out into the street with a bucket of water and a rag in hand. To make things easier for yourself, you can use this simple trick, without having to invest in expensive specialist products.

Summer is a dangerous time for your car

Added to this, the spring and summer seasons are dangerous for car paint, because with the heat it softens and expands to microscopic levels. As night falls and temperatures drop, the previously overheated paint cools, so any dirt that adheres to it has a chance to leave a mark.

It's true that when parking the car on the street, our main concerns are usually related to scratches or damage that other vehicles may cause to ours. However, we forget that bird droppings can also cause irreparable damage.

Effective bird droppings removal

A matter of time

The ways to clean up bird droppings vary according to the number of hours elapsed. If we catch it in time, we can most likely remove it using only a hose. Therefore, the first piece of advice we should try to apply is to act as soon as possible against splashes.

To do this, it's handy to carry a bottle of water and a cloth in the boot of the car, as it doesn't take up much space and can save us in difficult situations.

If the period is longer, we need to act differently. Moistening the stain should always be the first step. With the pressure of the water, we'll be able to remove some of the stain, although the remains that remain in contact with the paint will be the most difficult to remove.

Since water is generally not a sufficient remedy to remove the stain, a homemade magic trick is to add a tablespoon of to a liter bottle of lukewarm water. When the bicarbonate is completely diluted, take a sponge or soft cloth, soak it in the liquid and place it on the droppings, so impregnating the stains with the compound.

Then leave for between 2 and 5 minutes, which will be enough for the stains to wear away much more easily. After this, we need to use gentle circular movements so that the remains are gradually removed.

It is also advisable to wax the bodywork from time to time, to ensure that the paint will be able to cope with the most serious stains.

Now that you know this trick, no stain will be able to resist you. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to be very careful where you park, and to avoid parking under trees and lampposts.

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