Say goodbye to the floor brush! Thanks to the leaf of this medicinal plant, mopping the floor becomes child’s play

It's not always easy to get rid of bad odors in the house, and sometimes it's the mop that does it. However, with this cleaning tip, your home will always smell fresh and natural!

Cleaning isn't always fun for many people. It's tedious and time-consuming, so it's not uncommon for household chores to pile up hopelessly. Yet it is a necessary task and very satisfying when you see the end result, as it has a direct influence on health and mood.

Cleaning to the letter, in addition to avoiding food contamination, improving quality of life, and smelling good, eliminates stress and brings order to the chaos in our home more often than we would like. Cleaning can therefore be therapeutic.

Photo: A bag on the broom? Discover the trick to have a golden floor (Pixabay)But that's not all, because if you use certain , cleaning can become a breeze. This is the case with mopping, a task that is usually done after dusting and wiping all surfaces and sweeping the floor. However, mopping can backfire by leaving a bad smell or even leaving the floor dirtier than it was.

Laurel Leaves

Hence the trick we propose today, which is to add bay leaves in the mop bucket. This plant of Mediterranean origin, with a very characteristic smell, has been used for centuries as a spice in the kitchen and to flavor sauces, stews, soups and other dishes.

It has also been used as a natural remedy to treat various diseases, as it has multiple health benefits. It can be used to alleviate cold symptoms or to fight against joint or muscle pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bay leaves will leave a fresh and natural scent throughout the house after washing up.

When cleaning, simply take a few leaves from this plant, chop them up, add them to water and let them mix with the water to create a solution that will leave a fresh, natural scent throughout the house. It's like a supermarket floor cleaner, but much cheaper and with a different scent.