Science and happiness: discover the 8 daily habits that make you happier!

The proof is that depressive disorders in US continue to rise above 4%. And that's because, when it comes to happiness, there's no room for fads or social pressures. On the contrary, it's directly linked to our emotions, feelings and ways of looking at life.

Precisely if what you need is to prevent dissatisfaction or sadness from invading your life, in addition to not hesitating to seek the help of an expert psychologist or psychologist if you need it, we encourage you to put into practice these fundamental keys and principles for successfully achieving professional happiness extracted and based on the latest research on happiness.

8 daily habits to be happier, according to science

These simple habits you can include in your daily routine will help you gradually integrate happiness into your life. Take note.

Positive self-talk

Another important aspect of being happier is talking positively and kindly to yourself. It's a way of taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself, but also of being happy by boosting your self-esteem.


According to Harvard research, one of the things happy people have in common is precisely that they are more connected to their friends and and have quality with them. These people, as National Geographic also exposes, live longer, achieve their vital goals more easily and live much healthier lives.

Get physical exercise

Regular exercise is also important for good . It's a habit with which you'll not only take care of your body, but also your , as being physically active increases the of endorphins, according to the May Clinic. It's precisely these neurotransmitters in the brain that help us feel good and reduce stress.

Enjoy the outdoors

According to the results of a study published by Springer Link, being outdoors is linked to greater emotional , which, compared to time spent in front of a screen, is instead linked to a lower level of happiness.

Get a good night's sleep

A good night's and sufficient rest are essential if we are to face the day with enthusiasm and good humor, but above all with happiness. An outstanding task for Spaniards, since according to the Spanish Society of Neurology, 48% of the adult population claims not to have quality sleep. According to the Better Sleep portal, it's essential to take care of this aspect in order to relieve stress, reduce negative emotions and better face the challenges of everyday life.

Another way to achieve happiness and rest is when our mind remembers a happy moment before sleep, the person's neural activity can become quite similar to the happy moment they experienced in the past. This produces a release of dopamine, one of the pleasure-related neurotransmitters we've already told you about. This is responsible for increasing our well-being and motivation to experience more pleasurable moments.

Cuddle more and better

Receiving or giving hugs is also associated with an improvement in people's moods and also greater happiness away from conflict, as evidenced by an article in the scientific journal Plos One. The explanation for this lies in the fact that physical contact helps release oxytocin and serotonin, two of the hormones responsible for happiness and well-being.

Practical exercise

Según el psicólogo Alberto Soler, a practical exercise to work on our happiness starts by reflecting on what you've done during the day that you're most proud of, but also on what you wish you'd done differently throughout the day. Two reflections that this expert encourages you to write down in a notebook, and which will only take a few minutes.

Strong relationships

Il doctor of psychology Tal Ben-Shahar also explains that one of the keys to successful happiness is that happy people are generally characterized by strong intimate relationships. This includes relationships with lovers, friends and family.

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