Science Proves There Is A Link Between Penis Size And The Urge To Buy Bigger Cars

A curious piece of real research, with a science-backed approach to its methodology, is about to prove definitively that there is a strong psychological correlation between penis size and the urge men feel to buy bigger cars because of their sense of deprivation.

Science is a fascinating field where occasionally, if the research community has enough patience and , it can prove or disprove ideas, postulates or theories deeply rooted in our society.

Such is the case of this recent study, which is in a relatively preliminary stage of validation, but where they designed an analysis approach that will apparently finally establish a mental relationship between the cars that men desire and the connection that this idea has with the perception of the size of their member.

Over the last few years we have seen how the scientific community has implemented new interesting projects in the field of and sexuality, even going so far as to establish a relationship between the number of one has and the increase in intelligence.

So we are not surprised that it has now advanced to this new degree of revelation.

Men would buy bigger cars if they feel their penis is small: that's how science tells us
It turns out that a group of researchers from the Department of Experimental Psychology at University College London have conducted a striking study among 200 men ranging in age from 18 to 74.

The study, developed under the title “Small penises and fast cars: evidence for a psychological link” has just been published in the journal PsyArXiv and is still undergoing peer review.

The volunteers participating in this experiment were basically lumped into two groups: One where they were told that the average penis size was 17 centimeters.

And a second group where they were told that the average size of the human penis is 10 centimeters.

Such variation of information was done with the purpose of manipulating the self-esteem of the participants, through false statistics, where they knew the data of their individual length, at the same time that they felt validated or invalidated by the figure of the supposed average.

They were also given distorted data on personal finances, bodily and other everyday surrounding elements to see how they reacted in comparison to the group that had the more realistic and sensible statistics.

At the end of the process, men over the age of 30 explicitly stated their desire for a sports car when they were made to feel they had a small penis, with the average being around 17 centimeters.

The study is technically still in the process of validation and cannot be taken seriously yet. However, the findings are interesting.

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