Scientists recommend an all-female crew for the Mars mission!

The conquest of is an ambitious goal for space agencies around the world. To make this project a reality, it is essential to consider all available options, including the composition of the crew. What if the key to the success of the mission lay in the exclusive presence of women on board the spacecraft that would take the first humans to the red planet?

Women, assets for the mission

A study from the 1950s already concluded that women would be ideal candidates for space missions. Their smaller and lighter bodies make them less greedy for resources, such as oxygen, and water, needed to survive in space.

More recent research has confirmed these advantages. In fact, a 2021 study found that men's bodies required 30% more energy, 60% more oxygen, produced 60% more CO2 and required 17% more water than women. In other words, having a team of women would have many advantages in saving resources on a long journey to Mars.

The Science of Space Inclusion

Crew composition is one of the many challenges for a mission to Mars. Fortunately, space science and inclusion have seen many advances in recent years. Women, as well as people of color, have seen their opportunities to work in the astronomical field increase dramatically.

In addition, current missions, such as Artemis, have inclusion goals. Astronauts of color and women will surely have the opportunity to set foot on the Moon, our natural satellite. Finally, ambitious projects, such as 's Starship rocket, could make it possible to reach the Red Planet more quickly.

Space science and inclusion have come a long way. If and other agencies want to succeed in their mission to Mars, it's time to think about the best use of resources and consider a female crew. The benefits are many and the science proves it. The conquest of Mars is a project for all humans, without exclusion.

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