Secrets of Ancient Beauty Rituals: Why Are They Back and Hotter Than Ever?

Find out why ancient beauty rituals are making a comeback in our daily lives. Learn more about the reasons for this comeback and how these ancient practices can change the way we take care of ourselves.

Fashion is an eternal restart

trends are cyclical, and that applies to beauty rituals as well. Whether it's shoulder pads, bell-bottoms, or other sartorial aberrations, some trends we thought were extinct keep coming back.

Ancestral beauty rituals: a never-ending fascination

The everyday objects used by our ancestors bring us closer to them and show us that they were not so different from us. From combs to mirrors to tweezers, these objects are witnesses to the evolution of humanity through the ages. Ancestral traditions and rituals captivate our attention, such as the use of “iron filings and vinegar” to blacken in 10th century Japan, or Cleopatra's donkey milk bath.

The return of ancient beauty and gastronomic rituals

Some ancient beauty and gastronomic rituals are making a comeback, such as drinking kombucha, a fermented tea-based beverage of 2,000-year-old Asian origin. The use of rose oil, rich in , and antioxidants, to moisturize the and soothe irritations, is also an ancestral practice.

Why this return to the roots?

Globalization and worldwide hyperconnection play a major role in the rediscovery of these ancestral beauty rituals. The need to use more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients is also a determining factor. Pioneers of natural and organic beauty are looking to develop products that are beneficial to and the environment.

A link to the climate crisis and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and the awareness of Climate issues have contributed to this return to the roots. It is time for humans to recognize the need to live in symbiosis with the planet. Exploring ancient practices based on nature and natural ingredients can help restore this .

Nostalgia for the old days

Nostalgia for bygone days in times of crisis may also explain the interest in these ancestral practices. For example, Chinese gua sha, a facial massage technique using a smooth-edged stone, usually quartz or jade, is becoming increasingly popular in the West. This traditional practice was intended to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

The know-how of our ancestors

Modern science recognizes the relevance of the knowledge and practices of our ancestors. For example, the temazcal used by the Aztecs for their steam baths in volcanic rock structures had similar benefits to those of today's saunas.

A mixture of factors for a return to the roots

There is no single answer to explain the resurgence of ancestral beauty rituals. Rather, it is a mixture of different current situations and problems that, paradoxically, encourage us to turn to the solutions that worked in the past. Maybe because, in the end, we are not so different from our ancestors and we are all looking for the same thing: slowing down time to continue living on this Earth that we must imperatively preserve.

In short, ancestral beauty rituals are making a comeback, driven by a mixture of globalization, ecological awareness, nostalgia and respect for the know-how of our ancestors. Adopting these practices can help us take care of ourselves while respecting our environment and reconnecting with traditions that have lasted for centuries.

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