Secrets revealed: Why do mosquitoes choose you as their target?

Are you the ' favorite target and wondering why? Discover the surprising reasons that attract these insects to you and how you can reduce your chances of being bitten!

Mosquitoes: experts in choosing their victims

Some people seem to be ideal targets for mosquitoes, while others seem to go unnoticed. What attracts these insects to certain people rather than others? The answer lies in the detection mechanisms used by female mosquitoes, which are the only ones responsible for biting, to find their blood sources.

Factors such as , alcohol consumption, scents and even the color of your clothing can increase your attractiveness to mosquitoes. But how do these insects find us?

The irresistible cocktail: carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat

Female mosquitoes are able to detect carbon dioxide at great distances. All living creatures with blood, which they feed on, exhale this gas when they breathe, which makes it an excellent way to spot their victims.

Once they get close, mosquitoes look for water vapor, also released by breathing. In this way, they ensure that they are in the presence of a living being and not another source of CO₂. To avoid going directly to the mouth, mosquitoes are attracted to the heat emitted by the body.

Hormones and sweat: assets for attracting mosquitoes

It has been observed that mosquitoes can detect certain hormones, which may explain why pregnant women are often more likely to be bitten. In addition, mosquitoes sweat, which means that people who tend to sweat more will be more easily targeted.

Finally, our also releases substances resulting from the metabolism of compounds ingested through . If these substances have strong aromas, such as alcohol or cheese, mosquitoes will be more attracted to us.

Colors that attract mosquitoes: red, orange, cyan and black

It is often said that some colors attract mosquitoes more than others. However, few scientific studies have been conducted on this subject. A recent study found that mosquitoes were indeed more attracted to bright colors, such as red, orange, cyan and black, while light colors seemed to be of much less interest.

However, one important detail is worth noting: mosquitoes were only attracted to these colors if they were in the presence of carbon dioxide. In the absence of CO₂, the color did not seem to interest them.

This could explain why humans are so attractive to mosquitoes. This is because whatever color our skin is, it is usually in shades of orange or closer to black. In addition, we are an excellent source of carbon dioxide.

How to avoid mosquito bites?

If you want to avoid mosquito bites, you can try wearing light colors. However, as long as you are breathing and have skin, you will remain attractive to these insects. You may be able to keep them away for a while, but their females will still be on the prowl, ready to draw some of your blood. Remember, they do this so they can reproduce. Don't be too angry with them.

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