Secrets to Success on Tinder: Surefire Strategies to Stand Out on Dating Apps

Meeting your soul mate can sometimes seem like a never-ending quest. However, it is often enough to show perseverance and to put all the chances on your side to succeed.

In our digital age, dating applications have become the privileged place to look for , where bodies, tastes and passions are mixed in a continuous exchange.

However, to succeed on these platforms, you need to be strategic: choose the right angle, the right filter and the best smile. The key is often in the artifice, the highlighting of unforgettable moments and an optimistic attitude towards life. Let's not forget the classics that never fail to attract attention, like showing up with a pet or playing a musical instrument.

The pretenses and pitfalls of dating apps

Despite all our efforts, success is never guaranteed. Even if everything seems to be going well and we meet an interesting person, obstacles can arise, partly because of the way we met through the application. Moreover, these platforms are only really efficient if you opt for the paid version, otherwise the algorithm does not favour you, leaving you at the bottom of a long list of suitors.

Among the problems encountered on these applications are phenomena such as “ghosting” or sudden disappearance without explanation, and “breaDCrumBing”, where a person maintains a relationship halfway without ever committing. These behaviors, while their name may sound modern, have been around forever and are also found in other dating and relationship contexts.

Too many choices, too little success

One of the major differences brought by dating applications is the multitude of choices available. Before they appeared, the circle of potentially interesting people was often limited. However, with applications like Tinder or Bumble, the options can seem almost endless, especially if you live in a big city.

According to Mark Travers, an American psychologist at Cornell University, this abundance of options does not necessarily translate into more authentic . It's possible to meet a seemingly compatible person online, but not feel a spark when meeting in person, or worse, be eliminated before you even have a chance to meet.

The hidden interest of dating apps

It is also important to keep in mind that dating apps have the objective of generating revenue. Like any private business, they seek to maximize their profitability, and there is a conflict of interest between users and these platforms. As Travers points out, “your biggest motivation is to find excitement, a fling or even a long-term relationship. On the company's side, it's about increasing users, user time and sales of their paid services.”

Finding the balance to succeed on dating apps

It's essential not to take these apps too seriously, while not neglecting them at the same time. Maybe you won't find the love of your life on these platforms… or maybe you will? Testimonials from people who have found love through these tools exist. As Travers reminds us, “if you're looking for a partner, it's better to meet your ‘matches' in person and evaluate your connection in the real world” rather than just collecting profiles on your phone without making any real contact.

In summary, to be successful on dating apps and avoid the pitfalls of the virtual world of seduction, it's crucial to find the between strategy, authenticity and risk-taking. By keeping these in mind and being persistent, you will increase your chances of meeting the person who will make your heart beat. So, don't wait any longer and start conquering love on dating apps!

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