Secrets to successfully welcoming a new pet into your home

You already have a pet and are thinking of adopting another one? Discover how to make this new cohabitation a success without stress for your four-legged friends.

Essential questions before adopting a new friend

Take time to think before you expand your . Before you embark on this , ask yourself about your availability, the financial means you have and the living conditions of your animals. Do you have enough time to take care of two animals? Can you provide for both animals? Is your home large enough to provide each pet with its own living space? Do you have a pet sitter in case of absence?

Co-habitation, a major issue for the well-being of your pets

It is essential to take into account your first pet's feelings about the arrival of a new companion. While most enjoy the company of other pets, some may experience this as an intrusion into their territory. Don't hesitate to seek advice from a veterinarian or shelter pet specialist to assess the compatibility between different species.

Take into account the temperament and needs of each individual

To ensure that the cohabitation goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to know the character and needs of each animal. Their species, breed, sex and age can influence how they react to the presence of a new companion. Take these elements into account to ease the transition and avoid conflicts.

The adaptation phase, a crucial step for a successful cohabitation

Take the time to establish a serene relationship between your pets. When you first meet your pet, start by having them smell each other's scent using a pet accessory. Reassure each pet that they still belong in your home. At mealtimes, give priority to the oldest pet to avoid tension.

Do not intervene in case of conflict, but remain vigilant

Reactions such as yelping, grunting or back-pedaling are natural in a conflict. It is best not to interfere, but to watch carefully as the situation develops. Be sure to playtime, petting and outings so as not to create jealousy between your pets.

Patience, the key to a harmonious cohabitation

Be aware that adaptation between animals can take several days, even weeks. Be patient and accept that they can, at first, tolerate each other without becoming best friends. With time, a cordial indifference can give way to a true complicity between your animals. The most important thing is to offer them a serene and secure environment, where each one finds its place and feels loved.

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