She asked for a vegan menu on a plane and what she was served has gone viral around the world

A passenger flying between Jakarta and Tokyo sees firsthand how hard it is to order a menu with no food from animals on a flight.

The diet consists of not consuming food that comes from animals. They are not only giving up meat or fish, but also proteins or other products that have an animal origin such as eggs, milk or honey. In exchange, they can consume fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, etc.

It is becoming more and more common to find establishments and businesses that serve menus offering the possibility of choosing a vegan alternative. However, what is presented to the customer is not always what is expected. Just ask Kris Chari, a Japan Airlines passenger who had one of the most surreal experiences of his life.

Kris was traveling from Jakarta, Indonesia to Tokyo, Japan. When booking her flight she had specified that she needed a vegan menu for when food was offered during the flight. In fact, she had confirmed this with one of the flight attendants when she boarded the plane and sat in her seat. However, what was brought to her on a tray was not what she had imagined.

A simple banana to eat

The passenger has told his experience in ‘Flyer Talk‘, a forum specialized in travelers who fly regularly. There she acknowledged that, despite having ordered his vegan menu in advance, what she received was a banana, no more and no less. A flight attendant brought it to him with a tray and the corresponding cutlery and Kris thought it was a snack… but nothing could have been further from the truth.

She thought the banana was an appetizer, but it was all the food he was going to be offered.

In words reported by Simple Flying, Kris explained that she thought it was “a disappointing appetizer“. But no, “it was actually all the food service. It was a really good banana, one of the best I've had recently, but it still seems more appropriate as an appetizer.

The look on the vegan passenger's face was tremendous, leading him to think that all the catering at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was just as disappointing. At least she was able to confirm that the rest of the passengers were eating nothing better, just some “barely spiced spaghetti, though nothing as insubstantial as this” (referring to his banana). Seeing is believing.