Shiny hair thanks to optimal brush care and cleaning: discover our tips!

The condition and of our hair depends on many factors. Like all hair application tools, it needs to be cared for. These include , the use of appropriate care products and the use of brushes.

Do you know why this is so relevant? Find out from the experts. How do we wash our brushes properly and effectively?

Why wash it?

“Hairbrushes need to be cleaned just as we do, for example, with make-up brushes. Any tool you use on your hair should also undergo its own , and not just by removing accumulated hairs. In fact, many particles accumulate there: grease from the hair itself, dandruff, daily pollution or simply products we use almost daily like hairspray, for example. Waste that continually fluctuates from hair to brush and vice versa”, they explain in You Are The Princess.

How to do it?

“Hairbrushes should be washed at most every fortnight, removing any hairs that remain on the brush, otherwise the full benefits will not be achieved,” add the experts. From Leonor Greyl, they recommend “cleaning brushes once a week, removing any hairs that may remain on the brush with a comb. Once a month, a more thorough cleaning should be carried out, immersing them in water with alcohol to disinfect them”.

“Remember to clean it well with lukewarm water and rub between the hairs to remove any residue, as well as drying it as much as possible to remove all the water. One tip is to immerse it in warm, soapy water for about an hour”, add the You Are The Princess experts.

“Finally, let them dry in the and never on a radiator. And be careful, brushes with ‘pads' need to be squeezed well to remove any water remaining inside”, conclude Leonor Greyl.

The importance of good brushing

Experts agree, hair should be a regular gesture. “Brushing hair is a gesture that removes much of the grease, dirt and microparticles from the air, so it should be done daily and much better if we use natural bristles. brush because they are much more respectful of our hair,” says Aura Serrás.

How do I brush properly? Good brushing should be done “without pulling or brushing after washing, as this will only weaken it further and leave you with a comb or brush full of hair. It should always be done dry, if possible with a detangling agent with soft bristles that avoid capillary stress, while at the same time stimulating blood circulation in the scalp”, explain Dalire.

This way, “shampoo application will be more efficient and much more pleasant. But be careful, choosing the perfect brush is vital”, remind the experts at Leonor Greyl, who recommend the use of a massage brush.

Your plus? “These brushes can be used both wet and dry – and the actions are different. Dry, they're perfect for stimulating blood flow and improving circulation while exfoliating the , helping to remove styling product residues and improve ,” they add.

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