SHOCKING: Phillip Schofield abruptly leaves ITV following scandalous affair with young PA!

, longtime host of , is at the center of a huge that involves an affair with a young assistant, his relationship with co-host Willoughby, his brother's recent conviction for , and his past meeting with the now-PA when he was just 15 years old.

Schofield began the show in 2002, and in 2009, Willoughby replaced Fern Britton. The 61-year-old recently resigned from the show, as well as from , and just gave an interview to clarify the situation. In this article, we dive into the controversy, including statements from Schofield, the reactions of those around him, and the fallout from his actions.

The Affair: Explained

Schofield has acknowledged that he had a consensual on-off relationship with a younger male colleague at This Morning but denies grooming the man. He met the man when he was only 15 during a visit to a . The relationship became more than just a friendship only after the man started working on the show. Schofield has said that the affair occurred when he was still with his wife, Stephanie Lowe, and regrets the situation deeply. He has also admitted that he repeatedly lied about it.

The Fallout: Phillip Resigns

After admitting the affair, Schofield resigned from This Morning and cut ties with ITV. Although he agreed to step down from the show, he is still planning to host the in June. Meanwhile, Willoughby has released statements about Phillip's actions, saying that she was hurt by the lies and that Phil had assured her that the rumors about the affair were untrue. ITV has stated that the possible relationship was investigated in 2020, but both parties denied it at the time.

The Controversy: A Perfect Storm

This scandal involves many different issues, from Schofield's own actions to his brother's conviction for sexual abuse. Some have speculated that the situation with Timothy may have played a role in Phillip's exit from This Morning. Additionally, there have been rumors of a rift between Schofield and Willoughby behind the scenes, although this has not been confirmed. The controversy has put This Morning in the spotlight, creating a difficult situation for the show and its remaining hosts.

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