Signs that should alert you before accepting a position

Toxicity at work can have serious consequences for your . Sometimes a lower salary is preferable to a devoid of solidarity and empathy. But how can you detect a bad Workplace climate before you hire yourself? Workplace climate before you hire yourself?

The price to pay for an unhealthy work environment

A poor work environment can greatly contribute to burnout and affect the mental of employees. The workday is not short enough to support certain behaviours or attitudes on the part of superiors or colleagues. Many workers prefer a good work environment to a high salary, having already had to deal with negative situations.

An abusive work environment can lead to anxiety or depression, and you may develop anxious behaviors to please others, striving to achieve unattainable goals. This eventually leads to employee burnout.

How to identify a toxic work environment

It's essential to spot the signs of an unhealthy work environment during your job interview. For example, if the recruiter talks to you up front about the Stress you'll have to deal with, it may be a sign that daily life in the workplace won't be particularly pleasant. Similarly, if “working under pressure” is one of the skills required for the position.

You can also look at company reviews on job boards or try to contact former employees who have recently left the company to get their opinions. If you are already experienced in the industry, it won't be hard to find out the rumors about the company culture and workflow.

The importance of being vigilant in the interview process

Pay attention during the in-person interview. Observe the employees' demeanor, the energy they exude, the questions they ask or the way they present themselves. Don't hesitate to ask the employer directly about the company culture, as this will not only give you an idea of the work climate, but will also show you to be professional and demanding. Ask, for example, if it is common to work overtime or if the team is close-knit.

Keep in mind that if something bothers you, it's best to leave the door open for other options. Don't close your profile on job boards and keep it active until you are sure the position is right for you. Also, use the probationary period to get a feel for what it's like to work at the company on a daily basis. If you don't feel convinced or think you don't belong, don't be afraid to back out. It's better than having to endure a toxic environment

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