Six reasons why it’s time for a radical change in life

If you have the intuition that you are tired, stagnant or unmotivated by your usual routine, here are a series of reasons why you should start changing your mindset.

If you feel stagnant, stuck in a routine you don't like, or unable to imagine a sweeter future, you may find yourself wanting to drop everything and start over several times a day. This would involve making a radical decision that may not be what you are looking for or ready for: changing areas or quitting your job, leaving behind many of the people you share your life with, or changing the geographic area you live in.

All of these options are too extreme to pursue unless you are very confident or really desperate. Instead, you can encourage gradual and realistic change by first changing your perspective or point of view, which unfortunately does not happen overnight. This change, combined with small changes in your life and daily routine, will gradually bring back the energy and creativity you are lacking today.

“By expanding our horizons, we improve ourselves and the quality of our relationships.

Why do we feel that we are not on the right path? This is due to a profound discrepancy between our desires and the reality we experience in our daily lives, between the expectations we had for ourselves and the state of our current life, which we find disappointing. How do we know if we really need to develop this will to change and if it is not just a bad patch that will soon pass and for which we just need to be patient? Here are a number of factors, inspired by international psychologist Alice Boyes, who wrote an article in Psychology Today Exploring why you should change your mindset and have a different view of the future.

You haven't met anyone interesting in a long time

Changes of direction are individual, but they always involve others, whether they are people we already know and who are with us anyway, but also new identities that help us move forward and inspire us with other personality models. “By broadening our horizons, we improve ourselves and the quality of our relationships,” says Alice Boyes.

You live in chaos

Chaos is synonymous with loss of control, lack of mastery of one's life. It can lead to a continual running away in the hope that one day the situation will change. You may also have too many responsibilities and be exhausted from trying too hard without getting anything in return. If you have these feelings, you may need to simplify your daily tasks so that you don't feel dragged down by circumstances or see so much difficulty in matters that shouldn't necessarily involve so much.

You don't appreciate your loved ones

“In relationships, as in parenting, when things go wrong, the positive bond between you erodes and problems escalate,” says Alice Boyes. In this situation, you should take the opportunity to spend more quality time with the people you love and care about. Only then will you be able to cope better with the difficulties, if you have these positive reinforcements.

Time passes slowly

When we do new things or things we are passionate about, it makes sense that the perception of time changes and seems to go faster. On the other hand, if you feel stagnant, everything will become repetitive and tedious, which will result in time passing more slowly. If you have been in this state for a while, you may need to change your life.

You have forgotten your hobbies

If you remember a time when you had free time to pursue your passions, whatever they may be, and you haven't done so in a long time, you probably lack energy or need to better organize the time you have. “Instead of always prioritizing work and tasks, prioritize your interests and see what happens. Alice Boyes continues. You'll likely feel a “boost of energy and enthusiasm” which will give you more strength and momentum to make positive changes in your life.

You feel like you are not acting on your principles

What we do is one thing and what we think we should do is another. If you feel that there is a constant disconnect between these two issues, it is probably because you are not making the right choices or you are letting yourself go, without even realizing what you are doing. Generally speaking, “when you need to change something, there are many ways to do it without making big decisions,” she concludes. “Try small routine changes first, which will have significant and surprising benefits on your happiness and energy level.”